It just lay there.

I noticed it as I was leaving our street for a walk with our dogs.

Normally I’m as curious as the next bloke but on this occasion I could not be bothered. I wish I had.

My mind was elsewhere and I just wanted a relaxing walk and to continue the dog’s re-education.

I seem to remember thinking that it might be a large dog poo that someone had left for later collection, but in hindsight that doesn’t make a lot of sense, why take a ‘poo bag’ and then baulk at carrying it. In any case most ‘poo bags’ tend to be old supermarket bags or those swish blue ‘made for the purpose’ bags. This bag was heavier weight clear plastic.

About an hour later we had completed our walk and were approaching the top of our street when I noticed a small blue sporty looking Peugeot pull up just past the entrance to our street. The driver was a bloke wearing dark glasses and he was illegally parked on a dangerous part of the main road that intersects with ours. Suddenly a female, late twenties maybe, jumped out of the passenger side and ran across the road and collected the plastic bag, got back into the car, and they zoomed off.

The whole thing was just slightly strange and my imagination immediately went into overdrive.

As you probably know I do a bit of writing, mostly non fiction but I have put the occasional bit of fiction on paper and besides, I have watched a lot of movies, so I find it difficult to believe that I cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for what I witnessed.

I have already dismissed the ‘poo bag’ theory. Who comes back by car to collect a poo bag after dumping it on the side of the road?

I know what you are thinking; drugs.

My devious mind went there also but it doesn’t stand up. For starters, they weren’t driving a black Range Rover and everyone knows that drug dealers drive black Range Rovers; or is that Rap singers, I get mixed up sometimes.

A drug minion perhaps? Probably not. There aren’t that many Peugeots out there so you are going to be identified too easily. Some form of Mitsubishi seems to be the go if Underbelly is to be believed.

If it had been drugs it would have been hidden a little more professionally. ‘Hidden in plain sight‘ works for some things but not clear plastic bags.

Whatever it was, someone dropped it off and someone picked it up and I have no way of knowing if they were the same person.

If only I had been a bit more of a sticky beak we would not be having this conversation.

Any thoughts?


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