Zed’s approach to life is damn near perfect.

He sleeps until something interesting starts to happen, and when it does he is ‘instant on’.

Everything is interesting.

A game is only an old toilet roll or a sock away.

He comes when he is called without the need for reward.

He would love to take over, but he doesn’t because he knows that I’m leading the way, but if I falter he is ready to assume command.

He may look like he is asleep, but he’s always on alert, as that black and white sheep dog next door could attack at any moment; the bloke who delivers stuff could come to the front door, or another dog in the neighbourhood could give the alarm.

He knows that waiters and waitresses are wonderful people who bring food to our table, some of which might come his way, but all other humans are potentially evil. Once he gets to know you and decides that you are worthy of inclusion into the pack he is always happy to see you, even if you have been away for a long time.

He knows that small children and little old ladies are going to cause trouble, but he deals with them in different ways. Small children get frequent warnings ‘to stay away’. Mostly they are smart enough to get the message, but little old ladies don’t listen and believe that they can tame anything, so they keep on coming even though the humans tell them not to. Zed lets them pat him, but as they withdraw they get a sharp reminder that you don’t approach a dog, you let him/her approach you.

Zed knows that lying in sunlight is one of life’s best things and that when your sister says the game is over, it’s over!

He also knows when one of the humans in his house is feeling low he does the only thing he is capable of, he stays very close.

He loves riding in cars and going for walks especially with the big dogs across the road. He would love to sort out the naughty one, and he has tried a couple of times, but his big heart is outmatched by her considerable size. Even though they are uneasy friends, Zed does enjoy a ‘pack walk’ and particularly with big dogs.

Image Generally speaking, if he were a little bit calmer he would have the perfect outlook on life but then again, if he were a bit calmer he would not be Zed, and that would be sad.


8 thoughts on “ZED

  1. This reminds me of my puppy, Lilly. Dogs are incredible creatures. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to be extra-sensory and in-tune to human emotion to the point where it seems like a special ability.

    This also makes me miss my puppy, Sasha. She was a small little girl with soft fur and beautiful eyes. Whenever my girlfriend was sick, she’d trot in and plop down beside her and snuggle into her neck. When we found out Chels (my girlfriend) was pregnant, Sasha would rest her head on her stomach, but carefully so as not to be too rough.

    I don’t know what happened for sure, but my family suspects that a new person in our lives kidnapped her and Lilly and dropped them both off a few towns over. Lilly survived and we got her back. Sasha was hit by a transport. I definitely miss that dog. Raised her from a pup.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your comments made me sad but I also saw the joy that your dogs brought into your life. Both of our dogs (Zed is the youngest) came into my life without much participation from me. Honey arrived with my son and his wife when they came for a visit (they live in another state). “If you don’t take her she will have to go to the pound!” At that point in my life I could barely look out for myself let alone a dog. You know what happened next because you own a dog. Honey, Zed (he was ‘rescued’ from a pet shop by my wife) and I spend every day together. I write and read and work on our house and the dogs are happy to be where ever I am. We walk a lot and they stay very close on those days when it all gets to be too much. I think you described them as “incredible creatures”, and I would have to agree. What a sad and despicable person they must be to not understand the love that dogs bring into our lives. Be well and don’t forget to be awesome. Terry.


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