I Just Cannot Keep My Eyes Open………..


A few moments before………..


As it is with most dogs, Zed will sleep most of the day unless something is happening. This behaviour makes sense in the wild as the pack must rest when it can and then be ready to hunt or defend the pack. I envy his ability to just curl up and drift off and then to be awake in an instant. I’ve had to wake up suddenly a few times in my life and I’m sure it would make an excellent YouTube video as I stumble around trying to make my eyes focus and avoid bumping into furniture.

As I write this Zed is on my lap making it difficult to type. It’s raining outside for the first time in many weeks. Honey is asleep in a chair nearby and The Visitor is asleep in the kitchen. She is waiting patiently for her pack leaders to come home. What she does not know is that they have gone ‘up country’ to collect stored furniture for their newly rented home. The Visitor is moving out today (and so is my son. The nest is now empty). I shall miss her and my amazing son and his excellent girlfriend. They found each other and they are very lucky.


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