The Visitor Has a New Home.

Why walk when you can leap!


Photo credit goes to my son Matt.


She stayed with us for several months while my son and his lady found a house of their own. She waited patiently while they went through the onerous task of setting up house, then one day her ‘mum’ came and collected her and took her to her new home. She loves it of course. It has a big lounge room with carpet (good for grip when you are playing chasing games), it has stairs which lead to the bedrooms and the study and to the backyard which is on several very interesting(if you are a dog or a human) levels.

The photo above shows her in full ‘flight’ heading down the stairs toward the house.

She is the visitor no more, now she is the lady of the house.

My amazing son Matt took this shot. Nicely done Matt.

16 thoughts on “The Visitor Has a New Home.

    • She is just a beautiful soul. We get to visit as they are only a few minutes away. My two dogs had their first visit yesterday and we were there again today. Their reaction to the humans and to the dog was “So that’s where you went!” They made themselves at home very quickly. We do miss them all very much but it is exciting to watch a new home taking shape.
      And yes, it is a stunning shot. My son has an excellent eye.
      Thank you for the comment.


    • He has an excellent camera and I’m very jealous. Good equipment helps but you need to have a good eye, and he has.
      Thank you for the comment, I will pass it on to him.



    • No need to be sorry…….. you took the time to comment, and I appreciate it very much. My son will be very pleased that you liked his photo, and I will tell him as everyone needs encouragement.
      Thank you.



    • Amazingly the shutter was at 1/100 which is nowhere near fast enough to stop the action. The saving factor was that she was coming straight at him and he got the shot when she was at the top of the arc of her jump. You can see that her feet are slightly blurred. Sometimes the gods are with you. It helps that he knew what he wanted to capture, but a bit of luck always help.
      I remember the story about the famous shot of the couple kissing in Paris. The photographer admitted that he asked the girl to kiss the boy and she said yes. If she had said no we would not have that iconic image.


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