Hanging Out


A few years ago my eldest son and his wife rented a house in an outer suburb of Adelaide. It was made of brick and had one of those closed in back verandahs that showed the house had become too small for a growing family at one point in its history.

I loved to sit on that back verandah and gaze out of the open back door while sitting in an old, very comfortable armchair.

The photo above shows a TeeShirt on the clothesline with the usual arachnid who believes that clotheslines were put there to help them feed their family.

My son and his wife eventually decided to buy their own house and my favourite chair was discarded in the move.

I was not happy!

I loved that chair but this was not my house and not my decision to make. Such is the lot of a parent of a grown-up son.

I miss that house and that chair even though the new house is excellent. With history repeating itself, this new house is now bursting at the seams with the addition of a daughter and a son.

I love this photo as it takes me back to that house and the excitement of wedding preparations, early morning cups of coffee gazing out the door into the backyard teaming with life as all backyards usually are.

I miss sitting on that chair with a small dog on my lap thinking of what may come.





I’m not the only one who loved that chair.

10 thoughts on “Hanging Out

    • Nope, just a common or garden clothesline spider.
      Red-backs stay very close to the ground and are very distinctive.
      Spiders are amazing creatures and they get a bad rap. I even noticed that the Harry Potter franchise use them as the bad guys! wtf


      • In general, I don’t mind spiders…they eat the sugar ants that would take over otherwise. Met a red-back once and once was enough. Figured yours was more garden variety but couldn’t resist asking anyway!


  1. Wonderful photos… the comfy old chair, the striking bird (birds fascinated me, on my one visit to Australia), and especially that T-shirt/spider shot, cropped to something sculptural. I’m glad you saw & liked my own latest post, I thought of you when I popped in that mural of the woman walking her dog in the park


    • I passed on your last two posts to our local arts lady (Tiffany Bishop Collective, she is on Facebook). Her community work space backs on to the railway line in Belgrave and they are going to set up a projector to beam their work on to a wall so that people coming home from work will see it from the train…. I thought that was a cool idea. I think that it came from the fact that a few of her artists are ‘street artists’ and that gets frowned upon around here and the idea of that kind of art being projected and therefore not being permanent, could not get them into trouble.

      I’m glad you liked the photos. I love the spider shot….. sometimes you just get lucky. I’ve made hundreds of attempts at spider web shots but my ancient old digital camera gives me very little control over focus.

      Cool that you thought of me with that mural.

      Be well,


  2. Judging by this post and your header it’s clear you’re a man that knows how to kick back and take things easy! I rate comfort and utility too so I know where you’re coming from 😉 Relaxing in the garden, listening to the birds and smelling the flowers, is one of the best things in the world, and made all the better by a canine companion.
    The art project mentioned above is great too, btw. I’ve heard about so many wonderful little projects like this whilst I’ve been blogging. It really does you good to hear how people care about art and their world and are taking the time to make each other’s lives just that little bit happier 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment.
      I used to be like everyone else……. rushing everywhere trying to fill up my day with activity so that everyone would think that I was busy, successful and gainfully employed.
      Then it dawned on me that non of that mattered in the long run. For me, the biggest challenge to to be still.
      All the answers come out of the stillness………. either that or someone left the radio on!


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