4 thoughts on “Quite A Serve

    • Thank you for the comment. Anyone who has ever played a game involving a ball can appreciate your comment. I forgot to mention it in the post but this is one of my ‘lost shots’ dead hard drive………. years searching for back up discs……. found them a couple of days ago.
      When the boys were young we spent a bit of time at various beaches. We live in the hills but the water is only about and hour and a half away. One thing that struck me as strange was that every time we went to the beach (and I do mean EVERY TIME) we found a tennis ball. I guess it does not take a lot of imagination to work out how they may have got there but, every time?
      A lot of beaches are in very ‘up market’ suburbs with lots of tennis courts so I guess at least one may have come from a REALLY big serve, but realistically I suppose it was kids playing and people walking there dog. “Go get it fido”….. “I’m not going all the way out there, you get it!”
      On one occasion, during a particularly interesting storm, we found six tennis balls washed up on the shore!
      That’s our personal record.
      We spent a lot of time in our van going places and doing stuff when the boys were young so there was always a ball in the van for an impromptu game. Occasionally it would go down a drain so our trips to the beach were a chance to ‘stock up’.
      I don’t ever remember buying a tennis ball but we always had at least one.


    • ‘I can’t believe you would say that, it was clearly OUT!!!!!”
      Always wanted to do able to say that.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Refer to comment above for a little more background which should have gone in the post.


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