Father and Son.


I remember this day.

This was before the era of cell phone self-portraits.

It was a case of point, shoot and hope; a bit like shooting on film.

I was EXTREMELY unwell this day. I can see it and if you look closely, you may see it too.

My crazy head was not going to stop me from spending time with my family so here I am.

I love the look on my eldest son’s face, “What are you doing dad?”

The occasion was afternoon tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.

The Windsor is one of the few remaining hotels that still make afternoon tea in a grand manner.

If I were rich, I would live in this Hotel at least part of the time.

This is one of my recently ‘found’ photos. Photos that I thought were lost when my hard drive died. It was taken many years ago.

This is not one of my photos but I love it. I plan to do a recreation of it.


The fountain in this shot was turned off because of water restrictions during our recent drought.

5 thoughts on “Father and Son.

  1. Memorable photograph are always the best. So, now that you have recovered a copy of it, please print-it and don’t just depend on saving it electronically. I want to stay at the Hotel Windsor someday and have a hot cup of tea, too. I wonder if they will put chocolates on my pillow at night or is that not included?


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