Time On My Hands.


4 Photos To Tell The Story.

Long exposure on an iPhone. Love the bike, and I love the tram in the background.
I watched the woman lock up the bike and walk down Chapel street to who knows where.
Killing time waiting for my son. Going to the movies at The Astor cinema.
It’s difficult to get clear shots of people with such a slow shutter speed.
These three blokes were a pain. They talked all the way through the movie and I think they were sharing a brain. This is only part of the foyer at The Astor Cinema.

11 thoughts on “Time On My Hands.

  1. LOL! You crack me up. Nice post. You have a great eye and a wonderful turn of phrase. I hope ‘those guys’ get to see how you have immortalised them in blog! : ))))))


    • Thank you for the kind words.
      These guys were amazing! The Astor is one of those venues where you only get people who are into film and know how to behave. I have no idea why they were there. They were so loud and over the top that it became amusing and my son and I were taking bets to see how long they would last watching this two and half hour ‘art house ‘ movie…………. they stayed right till the end…….. it was surreal.
      Not long after I took that shot one of the guys went up to the snak bar and started a conversation with this older man who turns up almost every night.
      “Which movie are you going to see oldtimer?”
      The oldtimer looks at him, hesitates and says ‘Carlos’.
      No wonder the oldtimer looked at him strangely. It was at this point that I knew we were in for an interesting evening.


    • Only once, in all the years we have been going there have I not had one.
      New flavours all of a sudden as well, but the fall back is always the vanilla. I always wear a ‘good’ T shirt when I go but I know that it will need washing when I get home. No matter how hard I try I always get a tiny bit of chocolate on it. A small price to pay.
      And you my talented fellow WPer, what is your favourite?


  2. Oops. My finger just slipped on the iPad app (it’s small and fiddly), and I un-followed your blog in error. I quickly re-followed, but you’ll probably get another notification, and wonder what’s going on…


    • Totally cool. I’m impressed that you can type on an iPad! I get cramp in my fingers. My wife has my son’s old one and she loves it. I’m still a bit old school. Lack of back lit keys on my ancient Mac book was a bit of a drag but recently I’ve acquired a Mac Book Air. Second hand but it is amazing and it solves the back lit keys problem. But it still cannot solve the missing posts, missing answers, missing all sorts of stuff that WP seems to be plagued with from time to time!


      • Don’t be too impressed, as I use a bluetooth (should that be capped?) keyboard with the iPad. That’s great, and I prefer using it than the computer in some ways, because I can sit anywhere with it and write. But it’s the touch screen details with the WP app that cause the problems. It’s a little bit hard to control, and has tiny fiddly icons and links and lists, and one wrong touch and you could be posting something that’s not ready, or commenting on the wrong blog, and so on!


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