Chadwick and Veronica: remembering


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

As it turned out, it was all about memory.

Chadwick Kirchmeier had spent a large portion of his long life fiddling about with stuff.

At least that’s how his wife Veronica described it.

They were both a bit forgetful but not so much that it caused problems.

They were not what other people would consider old, but they knew that life does not go on forever, at least not in these corporeal bodies, and Chadwick wondered what might happen if one or both of them began to drift off into that unkind darkness.

He was determined to gather all their memories together so that those who came after them would know who they had been, who they loved and who loved them.

Neither of them could write well let alone type, and the idea of talking into one of those damn machines had little appeal, so Chadwick did what he had always done since they had been together; he improvised.

For a long time, he had known that the long metal fibres that can be found in certain wire brushes behave strangely if you heat them ever so slightly.

They become a kind of ‘memory wire’, and they absorb the knowledge from whatever you put close to them. As far as he could tell the wire held that knowledge no matter what you did to it. So long as it remained intact, the knowledge remained intact, and even rust did not seem to diminish it.

To retrieve the knowledge or memory it contained, you simply stood close to it and remained very still. The memory would flash into your mind and stay there until you began to move.

Most of the strands contained shared memories, and they recorded them standing side by side because this is how they had been for most of their lives.

When all the recordings were finished Chadwick and Veronica bundled them all together and put them in a cupboard in their kitchen.

As their friends came to visit them over their remaining years, they seemed drawn to this room and always remarked on how warm it was, even in the winter.

PHOTO BY: earthquakeboy many thanks for letting me use this amazing shot.

30 thoughts on “Chadwick and Veronica: remembering

  1. A lovely Sunday read for me, very sweet and romantic…somehow it also reminds me of a Harry Potter scene where Dumbledore took a strand of his hair then put it inside a magical basin where when Harry put his head inside the water , he witnessed the past of Dumbledore!


    • Thank you very much for your very kind comments. As to whether you can repeat a compliment……. let me tell you this story……
      Many years ago a friend of mine was involved in the resurgence of the Australian film industry. He was Fred Skepsi’s Gaffer back when he was doing commercials. Naturally, when my friend threw a party there were a few ‘familiar faces’ in attendance. No big stars but a few people who were well known.
      With one or two famous exceptions, you can be a star in Australia and people will acknowledge you but they will mostly leave you alone.
      My attitude has always been to encourage people who I admire so if I see a famous face I usually say hello and quickly tell them that I admire their work. (In Aussie speak it is acceptable to say “Love ya work”, and the compliment is understood.)
      My friend’s parties gave me the chance to ask the question, “Do you get sick of people saying they like you?”
      Their answer was as you would expect, that as an artist you can never get too much encouragement, especially in a country where people tend not to say a lot to encourage you.
      So I say to you……… repeat a compliment as many times as you wish and I promise not to complain.
      I received notice of your comment at the end of a particularly trying day. My wife noticed it and read it to me and we both smiled.
      So your comment was the ‘feel good comment of the evening’.
      Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: Couple « Earthquakeboy

    • Thank you very much for the comment. It is an excellent photo. As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for this story and earthquakeboy very kindly allowed me to use it.


  3. Thank you very much for your kind comments and welcome to the inside of my head!
    I don’t think that I have ever refreshed anyone before……….. it feels good.
    Love your avatar btw……… I read the post that goes with it………. very cool.


  4. Reblogged this on araneus1 and commented:

    I’m in the midst of the Melbourne International Film Festival at the moment. It’s an event that lasts for two weeks and I look forward to it every year. It’s a kind of ‘busman’s holiday’ for me. I get to enjoy other people’s stories for a change. But, it does make it hard to find time to write new stories so I’m sure you wont mind if I post one of my favourite’s from last year. Some of you wonderful people will have read it then and my ‘new people’ can hopefully, enjoy it for the first time. I’ll post a new story on Friday [Australian time], but in the meantime I trust you will enjoy this……………..


  5. A new subgenre (your specialty, I see!): gentle science fiction! A wonderful change of pace from all the dark stuff so popular right now. Add that to your cozy crime tales, I think you’re on to something!!! 🙂 Beautiful story, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you……… we need a little ‘gentle’ from time to time, don’t you think?
      I like SF, but it is at its best when it is wrapped around real people and the gadgets and the ‘what if’ just helps to tell a story.
      Your comments are always thoughtful………… and always appreciated.


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