Out There Waiting For You.


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She loved the sound of the white gravel under her feet because that sound took her closer to him.

They met every Thursday at the same bench in the park.
With its stone walls, pathways and greenery, the park was a beautiful place to be.
The Art Nouveaux benches were very old and had been well looked after.
Someone, a long time ago had a vision of a park where lovers, children and old folks could come and feel the sunlight and the rain. That vision had been realised in a time when land speculators ruled the world, so how did this park come into being with all that pressure to subdivide?
Someone with an iron will and a regard for the future, not to mention political clout, had made this park happen.
These thoughts ran through her head as she waited for HIM.
He was late, which was unusual. 
He was always on time and if she didn’t love him as much as she did this trait would probably annoy her.
Paradoxically, she was always late; but not today.
She had something to tell him and she didn’t want to be babbling out excuses about her lateness, yet again.
Her constant tardiness didn’t bother him a bit.
He loved that she was not like him.
He needed a difference in his life, and she certainly was different.
She waited for more than an hour.
He didn’t come.
She didn’t ring him, she was frightened of what he might say, or worse still if he didn’t answer at all.
She quietly stood up and walked away; the sound of the gravel under her feet was no longer a comfort.



A huge thank you to Cristian V for letting me use his excellent photo.



Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

Jules Renard.



Part Two: WAITING.

Part Three: NOT ALONE.

31 thoughts on “Out There Waiting For You.

    • Thank you Jill.
      I’m beginning to think that I need to ask these characters what happens next and get back to you.
      I cannot take credit for the photo other than to say that when I saw it I knew there was a story there……… and there was.
      Wasn’t it kind of Christian to give me permission to use it.


    • Thank you for the comment Katie.
      You girls/women/ladies [trying not to get into trouble] are ganging up on me.
      I must say that I’m pleased that you folks enjoyed the piece and I promise to meditate on it and if the characters want to keep it going I’ll post what happens next.
      Time to meditate.


      • Wonderful! Although if the characters do decide they don’t wish to continue, the story as it is stands as a beautiful, haunting piece. Sometimes that’s all it needs to be, too.

        Enjoy your meditation, Terry.
        (and no trouble here – I’m good with girls/gals/ladies/women/crazy lady – whatever suits your fancy 🙂 )


    • They haven’t decided yet. I did ask and all I got was a part two. Wrote it today. I’ll look at it again tomorrow and if it is ok I’ll put it up. I’ve never been under this much pressure!!!
      Thank you for the comment.
      It’s great to see so many people worried about these two.
      I am as well and as of this moment I’m not sure how it will come out.


    • Thank you and I’m very happy that you enjoyed it. Part two is on the way.
      This was only ever going to be a stand alone piece but, as you can see above, quite a few people are wondering how this works out.
      I asked the characters but they were not saying much but I did come up with a part two. A bit more work to do and I’ll put it up.
      Thanks again.


  1. It’s funny but I kind of like the tension of not knowing (I’ve already made up a backstory in my own head because I think humans like to “complete” things). I would have been ok with the incompleteness but now I want to know if your story at all matches my made-up version. Weird, isn’t it? 🙂


    • I like your take on it.
      Well done and thank you for taking the time. This particular post has taken on a life of it’s own hasn’t it.
      I have written a part two today but I’m not sure that it will keep people happy. I tried to write what happens next but this came out instead. I’ll be interested in your reaction.


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