Happy accident.


I’m not a big fan of flash photography, so when Saturday night rolled around and the Lantern Festival came around again I braved the incredibly [it didn’t snow or anything but it was very cold] cold weather, changed the batteries in my ancient camera and set out with only a slim hope of capturing any decent shots.

The light was fading fast and I sat on the very cold ground on my somewhat ancient bottom trying to get a photo of this little girl wearing a wig made of flashing lights.

The parade is a local traders thing and attracts heaps of kids and their parents and they ‘parade’ up and down the main street of Belgrave….. in the dark.

It’s actually a lot of fun.

As I said, there I was trying to get this shot. People kept walking in front of me, my camera didn’t like the cold, it’s getting dark so the shutter speed is VERY slow.

Naturally when the crowd clears the father takes the wig off the kid and puts it on himself and turns off the lights [fathers are always trying to save electricity, just ask my boys]!

When I uploaded the photos I found the shot above.

Most people would delete it but I love it.

Even the blur of people walking in front of me works.

I haven’t cropped it or enhanced it, its just as it was…….. the only shot of this kid and that wig.

9 thoughts on “Happy accident.

  1. I love ‘happy accidents’ too.
    (and so Belgrave was alight and I missed it. Mind you it would have been a good excuse to stay overnight with family in Macclesfield and get up to a country scene in the morning).


    • The End Of The Line Festival is on in a couple of months. Well worth a visit…. lots of art, performance you name it, worth a stay at your mates place. Macclesfield is excellent country.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment…… see you in a couple of months.


    • Thank you.
      In the old days it would take ages to see your negatives and engage in a bit of ‘reverse thinking’ but these days there are still pleasant surprises when you get your photos onto the computer. A tiny view screen on my old camera helps….. it’s a bit a guess at best as to what they look like.
      Thanks for the comment.


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