Well Loved


He’s a very cool guy and a ‘local identity’.

They asked him to lead the Parade.

The Winter solstace see the Belgrave Lantern Parade kick off in the dark, on the Saturday closest to the Solstace.

Some of you might remember a photo I took of this wonderful bloke a while back.

He lives a very humble life [the locals were trying to find him a fridge just recently] and he does ‘healings’ at the local health food store. People come from all over to speak with him.

I thought that it was very cool that they asked him to lead the Parade.

And yes, the guy in the background is wearing a Kookaburra hat, and it lights up!

16 thoughts on “Well Loved

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  3. He`s sounds like a very good hearted local character. It`s surprising how many people are into the whole healing scene though and really believe in it. I wonder what what type of healing he does? Or even believes he does? Lovely pic anyway.


    • I’m not sure but I suspect that he listens. There is amazing power in that.
      Most people [me included] are too interested in having their say…… they kind of listen, but really they want to tell you something.
      Most people just want to be heard.
      I’m sure you have a friend who really listens, and at the end of your visit you feel a whole heap better?
      I have a dog walking friend who doesn’t hear a word I say. She rabbits on for the whole walk and I say things like ‘really’, ‘how did you feel about that?’, and stuff like that. She just needs to tell someone. She doesn’t have a significant other in her life and I’m ‘safe’ [being a lot older than her] so she ‘unloads’ her worries. She feels better but sometimes when my defences are low it gets to be a bit much.
      I suspect that this guy is a good listener…….. sometimes that’s all it takes and for all I know he has the power to heal, at least the power to put the mind to rest. Who knows?


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