The Woman Who Invented Deja Vu.

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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

She had been working on it most of her adult life.

It had to be just right.

Not a single comma out of place.

It was going to be hard enough to convince them, she didn’t want any distractions.

In the final year she was living on can soup and the kindness of friends, she could not earn a living, all her time went into finishing the presentation.

Everything hinged on it.

On the momentous day, she was walking toward the great hall with the book [she’d had it bound especially for the occasion] tucked jauntily under her arm.

She had a spring in her step and a glint in her eye.

She felt like students do when the work is done, the exams are over, and they know they had done well.

She wasn’t worried about standing up in front of all those learned people [most of them male, things hadn’t changed much in the world of academia].

The work would speak for itself, the hypothesis was bullet proof.

She approached the great wooden doors that led into the polished timber assembly hall but as soon as she walked through the entrance she stopped dead.

She stood there for a few moments frozen by the feeling that she had done all of this before.


19 thoughts on “The Woman Who Invented Deja Vu.

    • Let your mind wander and fill in the blanks.
      Maybe she visits her favourite jazz club to celebrate?
      Who knows?
      Thank you for the comment, glad you enjoyed it.


  1. Very well done – I get bored easily, but this just swept me right into being interested and now I’m wondering what comes next. Thanks for posting this!


    • I know what you mean about ‘bored easily’. I read a lot of stuff every day and I’m always happy when the writer hooks me straight away.
      Glad you are wondering………
      Thank you for the comment, it means a lot.


  2. Good one. Did you start with the pic as inspiration or find it afterwards? Poor woman living on canned soup. Couldn`t you feed her something else? Port and cheese maybe?;-)


    • Thank you and soup was her choice.
      Usually I go looking for photos [my own or someone else’s] when I have a story but this time it was the photo that triggered the story.
      The site I got it from is inviting people to share his photos on social media sites so I didn’t need to wait for him to give permission [only polite to ask after all]. It was quite late here and I should have been asleep but there it was, and the start of the story popped into my strange brain. I didn’t have an ending until I got to it and there it was.
      Something about being sleepy maybe, who knows.
      I got started on these types of stories by responding to a site which asks, “what is it?” to a series of macro shots. I wrote a fanciful reply and the lady loved it, so I wrote a few more and it got to be fun.
      Interestingly, I don’t get an idea every time, just every now and then.
      Btw….. it had to be soup……. soup [even though I love it] has a desperate connotation, Don’t you think?
      Thank you, yet again, for taking the time to comment.


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