Ophelia Drinkwater Has Lots of Cool Stuff.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

Ophelia Drinkwater owned lots of really cool stuff.
Not just a few things but LOTS of stuff, and most of it she didn’t have to work for because her dad was someone important and he had even more stuff than she did.
She spent a lot of her time picking flowers and fiddling with her hair.
One day she stuck her head up against a wall and heard some disturbing news.
Apparently they were going to build a McDonalds in her town.
She knew that the common people needed jobs but she didn’t want them needing jobs in her back yard.
They could go somewhere else and need jobs.
Ophelia wasn’t a big fan of common people who ate at McDonalds but she did like animals, so that was something. She met with some of her friends to discuss the situation and to look at some animals.
A slightly older lady brought what looked like a Glock semi automatic and was waving it around dangerously close to a small child, but I guess it served the mother of the child right as everyone knows that you don’t take kids to a anti-Maccas demonstration.
John William Waterhouse - Lamia
After a long day of worrying about having poor people wandering around all over the place Ophelia felt grubby. She sat down by a stream to bathe. Unfortunately for Ophelia one of those annoying people who own iPhones was walking by and took a photo of her and it was on the internet within minutes.
Apparently #ophelia was trending for quite some time.
Ophelia needed to tell someone about her tiring day but instead of going on Facebook she decided to visit her boyfriend who lived in a house which had very low doorways which made her have to bend over a lot just to get into the place.
Her boyfriend, who looked a bit like that bloke out of Twilight, owned an armour factory and often wore his work home at night. He was very understanding and allowed her to make love to him several times.
She liked him to keep his armour on while they were intimately engaged.
This caused a few cuts and bruises, but she felt it was worth it.
Naturally, being the demure female that she was, she stopped by another stream on the way home for a bit of a wash.
She wasn’t going to get caught out twice in one day so she kept her clothes on and washed up as far as possible, and down as far as possible and finally, possible got a bit of a wash as well.
The day was nearly done but before she could sleep she had to convince herself that she still had lots of cool stuff, so she went out into the forrest by a completely different stream and peaked into her Glory Box.
All her cool stuff was still there so now she could get a good night’s sleep and dream about animals and friends and her boyfriend with the huge shiny armour factory.
This Ophelia Drinkwater should be in no way confused with this Ophelia Drinkwater

9 thoughts on “Ophelia Drinkwater Has Lots of Cool Stuff.

  1. The main character’s name comes from a character in a short British film made in 1912. It’s called ‘The Winsome Widow’ and stared Mabel Clark……. it was her only role and I wonder what happened to her. In just two more years her world would be torn apart. Did she lose someone she loved in that terrible conflict……. most likely….. everyone who was alive at the time was touched by this tragedy.
    P.S. WordPress has an excellent blogger who uses this name……. you should check that blog out.


  2. “…a completely different stream.” Brilliant as usual. You missed an opportunity with the boyfriends helmet, but perhaps it would have been too obvious 🙂


    • Thank you very much.
      Glad you had fun with it.
      As for the helmet………….. it’s always good to leave some interesting details for clever, imaginative people to find.
      Seriously, thank you.


    • Thank you very much for your comments.
      It did strike me as an unusual idea. I wasn’t sure if people would like it. I really enjoyed writing it.
      The paintings are amazing and I meant no disrespect but you never know how people will react.
      I found them in a bunch when I was looking for something else and I had to stop and write; they just called out to me!


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