When A Seagull Needs Coffee.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

You know how it is, you really need a coffee but you don’t have any hands.
It’s a problem that needs a solution and for George the seagull, the solution was Harry.
Harry was a human but George never held it against him, after all no one is perfect.
George had acquired a taste for coffee back when he used to hang out on the beach. Those were cool days but after a while you get sick of chips and left over burger buns and your young heart yearns for something new and exciting.
The answer was simple; take to the wing and survey the world from the air.
As soon as George saw Flinder’s Street Station he knew he had found his new home.
Back on the beach George would occasionally find a coffee cup lying in the sand and sometimes there would be a little bit of coffee left in the bottom of the cup.
George liked the taste and he had to have more.
It had a strange effect on him. He felt lighter, brighter and more able to reason.
He once worked out how to solve the problem of not enough food for all the seagulls in the world but because he did not have arms and could not write it down he forgot what the answer was.
Obviously he needed a constant supply of coffee, but how to get it?
George noticed that humans would go into the small room on the platform and come out with cups of this beautiful elixir.
He would follow them around and hope that they would put their cup down but in the end he knew that this was a poor solution to his problem.
George needed a human to go and get the coffee for him but how was he going to talk a human into helping him?
He had tried talking to humans but they were obviously not very bright and they could not understand him.
But then, along came Harry.
Harry took the train to and from Flinders Street Station every weekday. He noticed that this same seagull would follow him whenever he went to get coffee but he didn’t think anymore about it until one day he thought he heard someone ask him a question.
At the time he was sitting on a bench on the station drinking a coffee when he thought he heard someone say, “Can you get me one of those, I’m dying for a coffee?”
When Harry turned all he could see was the seagull that had been following him around. He stared at it and it said, “Well, how about it?”
George had just about given up on humans but he thought he would give it one more try and this human looked like he knew what he was saying.
“Did you just ask me to buy you a cup of coffee bird?”
“Yes I did, can you understand me?”
“Yes, I can. What sort of coffee do you want?”
“Any sort, just not too hot.”
Harry was a little shaken by his verbal encounter but in the scheme of things this was not the weirdest thing that had happened to him so he went and bought the bird a Latte.
When he got back George explained that even though it was Friday he would be OK for coffee until he saw Harry again on Monday because the people who used the station on the weekend left lots of cups lying around, particularly Carlton supporters.
The friendship between George and Harry, although unlikely, went on for many years and they enjoyed telling each other stories about their very different lives, which just goes to show that you never know where your next friendship will come from.
A cup of coffee, a seagull and a very special human who bothered to listen.
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25 thoughts on “When A Seagull Needs Coffee.

    • Thank you very much.
      These animal stories come from a desire to build a collection of stories for my grandchildren. They are quite young some some work for them now and some will be for later. Also I like the idea, or the fantasy, of humans and animals communicating……. I guess I’m a bit strange that way.
      Thank you for your enthusiastic praise, it means a lot.


    • Inject away.
      I’m reading a book set in Scotland at the moment, so it’s entirely appropriate.
      Thank you for the kind comments…… ‘curious insights’…… I like it.


    • Thank you Jill.
      I was looking for an appropriate shot of seagull looking at human and as soon as I saw this one I knew it was too much fun to leave out.
      Glad you enjoyed the story.


  1. Terry, I loved this story even though I am a Carlton supporter. Ruby my dog, loves coffee too. One freezing cold day I desperately wanted a real coffee, so I drove and picked up a take away, I took Ruby for a drive. When I arrived home it had started to rain, our letterbox leaks, so I grabbed the mail before I got Ruby and the coffee from the car. I opened the car door and couldn’t see my coffee cup. Had I left it at the shop? No, well where on earth was it? I found the empty cup on the floor of the back seat, along with a soggy foot mat…… Ruby was not a popular dog that day. (She is not a Carlton supporter by the way, she goes for the Bulldogs of course). Jen


    • Thank you mrs owls. I’m glad you loved the story.
      Mrs araneus1 wondered what my non Aussie readers would make of the Carlton reference. [sorry to hear that you are a sufferer of the ‘navy blues’]
      Loved your Ruby and the coffee story…….. my little bloke Zed loves the froth off the top, but as he is a bit of a dragon at times he really does not need any extra zip.
      Glad to hear that Ruby follows a good, solid working class team.
      My dad made it as far as the seconds at Fitzroy and grew up about 100 metres from the ground fortunately he did not live long enough to see them sold off by the AFL.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, it’s always fun to hear how people react to the stuff I write.
      Be well, and don’t forget to be awesome.


  2. Oh another good one, Terry. I can just see your grandkids lapping all of that up as it has such imaginative appeal. Bet you get a great kick out of writing it too. Not knowing Carlton isn`t a problem: they are clearly rivals and anyone should get that.


    • Thank you. Mrs spider says I have to save this one until they are a little older.
      Glad you enjoyed it and yes, it was a lot of fun to put together.
      Be well and don’t forget to be awesome.


  3. Your grandchildren are the luckiest grandchildren in the world! Great story! It made me remember a story from Montana, except this was for real. It was about the friendship between family and a Canada goose. WIll email you the link if you’d like.d Cheers, Maureen


  4. Lovely story! I too liked the picture of the hat snatcher and it reminded me of a seagull that used to hang around my balcony a long time ago. He became quite tame and would sit on my head and chat away to all the other gulls…I wish I knew what he was telling them!


    • I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story….. the hat snatcher photo was too good to pass up.
      I’m guessing that your seagull was telling the other gulls that you were his human and that it was OK to visit but they must remember that he found you first.
      It’s rather special to be claimed by a wild thing. Well done.


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