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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

It was the only evidence that the assassin had been there.

A 17 mm hole drilled into the kitchen bench.

The kitchen window looked out onto a quiet suburban street and the house in clearest view belonged to Theodore Weitkamp.
That wasn’t the name on the letterbox though.
These days he went by the name of Evan Gerry.
Evan seemed like a nice enough bloke, at least that’s what the neighbours said when they were interviewed by the local cable news channel.
Theodore was one of the men responsible for the sub prime mortgage bank crisis.
He thought that he was safe, but the resistance group,’Payback’ thought otherwise.
He was only the first in a long series of assassinations that lasted more than four years.
The only clue left was this strange hole, freshly drilled.
Eventually the killings stopped.


They never worked out who was doing it but every banker in the world walked carefully and looked over their shoulder.

6 thoughts on “17mm

  1. I think the killer hacked your blog and shrunk the font too! Or maybe he sprinkled myopia all over my eyelids last night. Can`t be too careful nowadays. Gotta watch your back and stay awake.Especially with bankers stalking the place. Nice one!


    • This post REALLY is labeled fiction…………….such things do not happen in real life……. mostly the bad guys get a bail out and a redundancy payout and a new car with a job attached……….etc,etc,etc,.
      Thanks for the comment, by the way.


  2. Stick it to ’em, Terry! They should fear for their lives every day.
    Well . . . maybe that’s a bit callous and, perhaps, there are some decent bankers out there somewhere. But most of ’em should be strung up. And if I could find the bastard who invented mortgages, I’d . . . well, I’d . . . ah, nothing. But I’d like to.


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