One man’s bad luck is another man’s existence.


They were poor but happy enough, and one of their jobs was to chop wood for the fuel stove.


They took it in turns but generally they would all pitch in as this was a satisfying job. A large pile of wood was evidence that you had been there.
Brothers can be rough and ready even at the best of times, and although it happened more than a hundred years ago and the story suffers from being strained through a lot of people’s memories, it seems that while chopping wood a piece flew into the eye of the brother named Ansel.
If it had happened now, someone would have bundled the boy into a car, and hospital staff would have assessed the injury. With a bit of luck, his injury would have healed leaving him with only a story to tell.
But this was a time before cars and doctors…

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  1. My great grandfather as an immigrant to the United States from Sweden had a hunting acaccident when he was 14 (1868 ) and his left hand was amputated. He then took school mor seriously and became first a teacher and then a lawyer. I have wondered what path his life would have taken without the accident.


    • Good question. Life changing moments……… there’s got to be a book in that!
      The stories of our ancestors seem more interesting somehow.
      My family is full of these kinds of stories [as I’m sure your’s is]. As we grow up they are just family stories but then we get older and realise how amazing they are.
      P.S. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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