Not Something You See Every Day.



I nearly got run over by these guys getting out of my car!

During MIFF* it was my habit to park the car between these two magnificent parks.
On this particular Saturday I found a spot, which is not easy in Melbourne when there is an Australian Rules football match being played!
The horses [which you cannot see very well] are magnificent but the cart is probably not well maintained as it had this godawful squeak coming from it. Our largest brewing group uses this set up as publicity and the sight, and sound, of it is quite impressive. You can imagine back a hundred and fifty years or so when beer was being delivered daily by these rigs. Must have been something.
The top shot is me scrambling to get a shot after nearly stepping out of my car in front of them and the bottom shot shows how far they got down the road before I could get out of my car.
Moments like this are quite special, and I can still hear that terrible squeak!



In this shot you can see the marks being left on the road from one of the wheels which is not turning properly and causing friction on the road surface. The sound of the squeaky wheel must have been driving the riders crazy.


*MIFF is the Melbourne International Film Festival…… it’s the world’s second oldest film festival.


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