Billy Gest: Hope and a Drive Shaft.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

Billy Gest had replaced that drive shaft several times and he was getting a bit sick of it.

He drove that little Honda really hard, but you had to.
360cc is tiny for a car, no matter how small that car might be.
Front wheel drive and very little weight was causing most of the problems, but it was a great little car. It tended to conk out in traffic in really hot weather being air cooled but it was so light that he could push start it in traffic to get it going again.
All he had to do was jump out, give it a bit of a shove, jump back in and drop the clutch in second and she would fire up.
It must have been amazing to watch from the car behind!
Spinning the wheels was really easy in the wet or dry and this was what was chewing out the drive shafts.
As time went buy Honda stopped making new ones and the second hand ones ran out fast, as the left one would go more often than the right for a reason no one could explain, so there were less and less of them on the road until one day they were all gone.
Billy would have kept his going for a little longer but he was kinda broke and there was a baby and kids cost, big time.
So it sat in the driveway until some bloke knocked on the door and asked if he could have it.
Reluctantly Billy handed over the keys and watched as it was towed away.
A few years later money started finding it’s way into Billy’s life and he wished that he had kept that little Honda but at the time he had lost hope, so he let her go.
How long do you hang onto things in the hope that fate will supply the funds to fix them up?
Billy could not answer that question and neither can I.
It’s one of life’s little mysteries; it’s up there with why people by water in a bottle when they get it out of a tap.
No one is ever going to be able to explain that one!

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