14 thoughts on “Tenacity.

    • This is the view that my dogs get just before they wee on the daisies. I love the way nature is so persistent. These daisies [I’m assuming that’s what they are] are found about 500 metres up this road [behind the shot] and over the years the seeds have worked there way down and found a home in the cracks on the side of the road and between the rocks at the front of houses. They have survived flooding and severe drought and appear again every year…… I love it. No one helps, they just get it done all on their own.


    • I only just realised that I had posted a photo recently with the tag that it is what my dogs see when we pass a certain cafe. This shot is also from their perspective. I’m often taken by the way things look so different just by moving a few feet in a certain direction. We took our dogs to the dog park today and went for a walk which took us around the outside of the park. The feel of the place was completely different from one side to the other. The strong low sunlight had a lot to do with it but even so….. different perspective.
      Thanks for the comment.


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