Black and White.




Sometimes you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

We have been married for a LONG time, and on this particular weekend we were enjoying a fabulous weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary. It’s a Saturday and, as people do, there was a wedding {actually there were a few]. The old cars made it for me. We took a few photos and the combination of the awesome old church, the wedding party and the cars made for some interesting shots.

31 thoughts on “Black and White.

  1. Congratulations Terry, 41 years is remarkable! I remember from somewhere that ‘you are always in the right place at the right time, either to realise it is not good for you, or to see that it really suits you’. I don’t remember the author or the exact thought but it somehow spoke to me. Great photos, I really like the church.


    • What an excellent quote.
      I recently read that in life we always find our soul mate, but it is up to us to recognise the opportunity. I don’t often mention this because it infers that people who are alone in life missed that opportunity, and except for certain days, I’m not in the business of making people feel bad. I’d be interested to know if you think that this is true?
      Thanks for taking the time to comment……. the ‘right place, right time’ thing resonates with me also.


      • I really like that idea about soul mates… I was very lucky and it is sort of how me and my ‘good man’ found each other… 10 years ago.
        I’m glad you like that ‘right time, right place’ thought.


        • A variation on that theme is that souls often travel in groups playing certain roles. Sometimes I’m there for you [your story] and other times you come along to help out with my story. Which explains those people who flash into and out of your life and while they are around they seem like you have known them ‘forever’. Kinda cool?


    • I could not decide which shot I liked best, so that is why they are both in there. I’m disappointed that I din’t get the top of the spires in but I could not back up any further without getting run over! Not terrible shots all things considered.
      Thaks for the comments.


    • I kind of misled you guys by not being specific enough. Photos taken on our last anniversary [40th] next one in about 3 months, but thank you. We had an excellent time and more importantly our adventures have provided the basis of a novel [I hope].


    • It does seem like a lot of years does it not? But actually, so much has happened in those years that we have not had a lot of time to notice. Our lives together have been a series of adventures, it really has been quite amazing. Some of our adventures have been a bit dark while others have been quite swashbuckling, some quiet, some mundane, but very rarely boring. I am not exaggerating [do I ever?]
      when I say that this partnership has worked because my wife is amazing. You think I’m being kind or something, no, I mean it. An ordinary person might not have put up with me [I didn’t fool with other women or stuff like that but I’m not the easiest person to live with]. I have been blessed to have excellent role models in my life and I’m the luckiest bloke on the planet to have found someone to share the adventure. When I’m out and about I can pick the blokes who have what I’ve got; they have a certain look in their eye…. they know how lucky they are.


  2. It does take you back, Terry. The missus and I got hitched in a remarkable, little old church (Catholic) at the Spencer Street end of Bourke Street (I think). All a bit hazy now. But, next March, we celebrate (is that the right word?!!!) 40 years of bliss. Bloody amazing. I never imagined such a feat would be possible. And we’re still (mostly) mates. I’ll got the crap kicked out of me if she ever finds this!!!!


  3. happy wedding anniversary 🙂 May you celebrate 50th too..looking forward to celebrations in distant view..keep on collecting each year picture of you two 🙂 🙂 and the additions of little ones..are due..a huge family portrait..with family is a is like a windy gust.


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