A few years back, we were on a trip to visit our eldest son in Adelaide. It’s a long journey but it was made easier by traveling in a V12 Jaguar Sovereign which was briefly in our lives. Even in a Jag you get tired driving. We had set out rather late in the day so we were going to arrive in the dark. We pulled off the highway and found this rest area very close to a river. It was that magic hour that photographers love and yes, this is exactly how it looked. The little duck was a bonus, I was just trying to capture the light.

12 thoughts on “Reflection.

  1. Hey, I want a pic of the Jaguar! It`s my favourite car and that only the look of it from the outside. I`ve never actually been in one. Sigh. I`m not even a `car person`. More of a `jaguar person`I suppose.
    Yep, nice pic. Lovely that it sparks so many other memories for you too.


    • The V12 got to be a wedding car for some young, poor friends of ours. We only had it for a very short time. I remember one of the guest giving me a mildly hard time because I had brought a feather duster with me to dust down the outside of the car before the bride emerged!
      I’ll see if I can find that shot and put it up. It was getting quite dark by the time they got around to photos so the shot of the car is a little dark.
      Thanks for the comment.


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