Nothing To See Here.


One of the things you get from growing up in a tough neighbourhood is a sixth sense for something that looks out of place.

This bloke fits the bill perfectly.
We were out walking today. A magnificent early Spring day when I see this bloke with a camera and a long lens. Nothing unusual there until you realise that he is taking pictures in a spot where there isn’t much to see. We live in a particularly beautiful part of the word where there are HEAPS of cool things to photograph. I got my iPhone out to get a shot of this bloke partly because I like shots of photographers and partly because I’m suspicious of him. He has obviously taken a few shots in his life because he is very comfortable with his camera [hands up all the people who are comfortable with their digital camera? cannot see a lot of hands]. At one stage he is standing in the centre of moving traffic trying to get a shot of [what?]
He’s too quick for me and zips through traffic and walks past us. I rest the camera on a wall to get a shot of him heading the other way just as he turns around to scope me out! My body language must have given me away.

The shot tells it all. 


11 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here.

  1. Hmmmm …. wonder what he was yup to lol Working for an insurance firm trying to disprove some poor soul’s disability claim? Gathering evidence on a philandering spouse? A fellow photogropher taking pictures of photographers taking pictures of photographers …..


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