She, Who Shall Remain Nameless.

If you don’t believe in an afterlife now would be a good time to stop reading.
I was about 19 and although I had been out with girls I had yet to have a serious relationship, and all the things that go with that type of relationship.
In other words I was inexperienced, but I did have a car and in those days that was a big deal.
Cars drove you to girls.
This young lady, who shall remain nameless because I cannot remember her name, and when you have finished reading this you will understand why I so desperately want to remember her name!
It was my first year at College and I was just starting to get over the shock of meeting girls; heaps of them! In my course there were seven blokes and twenty two girls and there were seven other groups just like mine. It was heaven for a young man but also a bit of a nightmare for a boy who had been at an all boys school right through high school.
The year was moving along nicely and at mid year our College had it’s annual College Ball. It was a big deal and absolutely everyone was going. A lot of the students had boyfriends and girlfriends outside of college and a few had paired off from within the student body.
I did not have a girlfriend and this nameless young lady had just split up with her boyfriend and during a long conversation some two days before the event I asked her if she would like to go with me. We got along really well and she was easy to talk to so I thought, why not?
To my pleasant surprise she said yes.
It was a very long time ago but I do remember buying her a corsage for her ball gown and I remember that she looked stunning.
There was not a lot of pressure on either of us because at some level we were just helping each other out because we both wanted to be at the ball and we did not want to turn up alone. We sat together and we had a few dances together and I remember having a very good night.
I remember taking her home, she kissed me and I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up on Monday morning and give her a lift to College.
She said yes; I guess she thought it was better than taking the tram.
I asked her out to the movies and we took a few Sunday drives and things went well but my inexperienced heart did not see the opportunities that were being offered and after a few months I told her that I wanted us to stop seeing each other and I asked her how she felt about that.
She was kind and let me off the hook.
She was a little older than I was, but just by a few months, and she was repeating her first year at her own expense [the rest of us received an allowance from the government in return for three years of service in the State system].
She was beautiful, worldly and sophisticated, and way out of my league. Part of me could not understand why she was with me and in the end the pressure wore me down.
She had no trouble kick starting her love life and I used to run into her at parties and at College and she always acknowledged me which was strange as I think I was probably the only bloke who ever broke up with her, most other guys had more sense!
Over the next eighteen months I saw her with a succession of older males and her association with them was always passionate.
She was a cut above the rest of us but she never rubbed it in.
She finished her course a year before I did and I never saw or heard from her again until about a year ago.
I was having a reading with a famous local medium [who worked all his life as a crane driver] and among an assortment of deceased relatives I heard from my first girlfriend. She did not identify herself by her name [some spirits do and some don’t in my experience] but as she told her story [spirits seem to me obsessed with ‘proving’ to you that they know you] it became obvious who she was.
I have heard from a few people when I have had readings with this medium but this one rocked me.
Firstly because she was obviously no longer alive [I was too stunned to ask what had caused her to die] and secondly because of what she had to say.
She said that she chose me way back then because of who I was, not because of how I looked. She also said that she was trying to give me the hint that lovemaking would have been more than okay but I was missing the signals! She went on to say that it had probably worked out for the best because we would have been a volatile couple and it may not have worked out well for either of us.
Holy shit!
She recalled me buying her popcorn and bringing her a red rose whenever we went out together. So long ago and she remembered these details, and from the ‘other side’ as well.
Making contact with someone who has died is an amazing experience and I have a string of interesting stories to tell from the readings I have had but I have to say that this one was special.
I was touched that she described me in such tender terms.
My mum [who has also come through on a number of occasions] taught me to have respect for everyone [this has been hard at times] and to always have respect for women. It sounds funny to say that in this day and age but back then it was not universally accepted.
Like all young men I made mistakes in my dealings with the opposite sex but it seems that I got this one right.
I’m at an age where some of the things that have happened to me were so long ago that some of the details are sketchy.
I have read that some people believe that groups of souls sometimes travel together and play different roles in each other’s lives. They do this by choice and sometimes they play a bit part in someones life and another time that soul will return the favour.
I would like to think that this soul was part of my story, and maybe I was part of hers as well.
It troubles me that I cannot remember her name and there is no one around who can remember it for me.
She will always be my first attempt at a serious relationship; my first girlfriend if not my first love and I will always remember that she chose me because of something she saw in me rather than some shallow surface image.
As often happens in life, if I had that experience over again and she came through in a reading I would ask her a heap of questions but in the end they would just be details, she told me everything that was important, and even though I cannot remember her name I doubt that I will ever forget her.

9 thoughts on “She, Who Shall Remain Nameless.

  1. Oh my goodness and here I am thinking that it is only women that hold onto romantic memories, just kidding! How sweet and sad at the same time. I’m sorry to learn that she’s passed away. Remembering names is my pet challenge. I’m good with faces but not names. If I were to guess her name from this entry, it would be very difficult. However, I’d like to throw a name or two into the mix., not that it would be much help. I’m thinking her name was something like; Alana, or Penny/Penelope.

    It’s OK. Have a chuckle.


    • Lovely names but alas not ringing any bells. To be honest I don’t think I will ever be able to remember it. I have never run into anyone who was at college with me and it was so long ago………. but you never know. At least she remembered me.
      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Oh, I don`t know about all the mediumship stuff, Terry. Just have to be honest about that. I`d love to believe we could be guided by spirits and all of that but I`m a tad too cynical. So maybe the girl is alive all the time? What about finding an ex college pal on FB and digging up the old memories from there? Or schoolreunited or whatever the reunion sites in Oz are?
    I`ll try to keep an open mind on the reading stories. I`d been for a few myself before I threw in the towel on the whole thing. But if you`re feeling brave enough to post another one I`d love to read of your experience.
    Meanwhile Cherchez la femme!


    • I understand your reluctance, and it is why I put in the warning at the start. This is one of those subjects that divides people, for all sorts of reasons. I’ll give you a bit of background……… The first time I had a reading I was not there to make contact with anyone who had died, which probably makes me the first person to have a reading and not be too fussed about getting a result. I was doing research on the subject of ‘guides’, guardian angels if you will. Being Irish I’m sure that you are aware of the subject. I wanted to see if they exist and to what degree they ‘help out’.
      I had a few readings spread over a couple of years, so what did I learn?
      Firstly, as with life in general I found the answer after I stopped looking…… isn’t that interesting?
      Secondly, the souls that came through for me were both close relatives and a few unusual peripheral characters [these made the best stories by far]. My ex girl friend was one of these.
      Thirdly, souls seem to be very keen to make contact. They go on and on way after you have worked out who they are. It seems to be very important to them that you recognise them.
      Fourthly, souls won’t [or cannot] tell you much about what is going to happen to you, I’ve even had one say ‘I cannot tell you that’.
      If pushed they give a lot of general advice, in my case my mum and a heap of others kept saying, ‘keep moving’, which at the time was good advice as I was in danger on not moving at all. ‘Keep moving forward’.
      Fifthly, I have never had a negative reading, and despite the fact that I have annoyed a lot of people I have never had a soul give me a hard time……. isn’t that interesting?

      In the end I did make contact with my chief guide, purely by accident and long after I thought that it would not happen, and it was a different and quite unexpected medium who delivered him to me……….. but that is a story for another day.

      As luck would have it, the medium I went to is doing a course at the local community house tomorrow night and I’m going. I haven’t seen him for quite a while so it will be good to catch up. He’s a cool guy. Oh and that is the other thing I have learned, people with this ability often don’t mention that they have it. This guy was a crane driver all his life and he kept his ability quiet. The other thing I learned is that like a lot of things in life, the more they exercise their ability the better they get. On a sad note, many people with this ability do not cope well, as it can be quite overwhelming.

      If this stuff makes you uncomfortable or if you think it is a load of horse hockey that’s OK with me. I get that it freaks people out.
      I was at a young friends 21st birthday part a while ago and I ran into a friend of my best friend. This guy had recently had a heart attack and he was obviously very upset because he did not see ‘the white light’ he didn’t remember seeing anything at all. He was sure that this is all there is but he said it in a way that he wanted someone to prove to him that he is wrong.
      I told him that I knew other wise and if he wanted to talk about it sometime I was happy to. To date he hasn’t but that’s OK. Each of us has to complete our own journey in our own way.

      I find it interesting that I have not been deeply surprised by the things I have learned. It all seems so natural to me, and besides, it has been a source of some excellent stories!


      • Thank you for this response, Terry, a blog post in itself. Meant to get back to you but pretty full on week here and I realise in my absence, you`ve already done another few entries. Lots of nice catching up to do then.

        Oh, I`m fascinated by spirituality. I`ve dabbled in all that clairvoyant, medium, angelology stuff. But I`m just going through a very sceptical phase. Maybe a few more blog posts in your readings might knock me out of it! Hint!Hint!

        I`d be more interested in making contact with souls myself rather than being ripped off by another codologist. But so far, I`ve had no luck. Despite my saintly mother passing on. Still I have read Paddy McMahon`s There Are No Goodbyes. You`d find that book of interest, I`d say. And I like to meditate. So you`d never know. I`ll be sure to blog about it, of course, if it happens!


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