Focused, but not In Focus.

While on ‘assignment’ I noticed this couple just out of my field of view.
My ‘assignment’ was self assigned, and it involved getting some ‘art’ for a story that I planned to write about a beloved local identity.
[I wrote the story last night and I will post it this week.]
It was a sleepy and overcast Saturday afternoon and the lack of light was making my job a little harder.
As I was running out of ideas for the shoot I became aware of these two. As you can see they are not teenagers and so that makes them more interesting to me. The guy’s backpack either means that they came up on the train and plan to do a bit of walking or they met in Belgrave.
Maybe she drove up?
The length of their embrace seemed to suggest that they had just met up. They stayed in this pose long enough for me to get up the courage to point the camera in their direction and hope that it focused on the right spot; it didn’t.
I was several metres away but the couple would kiss then look around, kiss then look around and I couldn’t pick a pattern to the length of kiss to be confident enough to point my ancient, slow camera in their direction and risk them noticing what I was doing.
If they had noticed they would do what all people do when they notice that they are being watched, they would change their behaviour.
I like photographing people when they are being themselves.
I invented a whole backstory for this couple, actually I invented quite a few.
One involved a furtive weekend, starting in the main street of Belgrave and ending in a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in Olinda. Spring in the Hills. He is unattached but she is married………. shocking!
In an alternative story line they are both getting over broken hearts.
They met at a work conference and arranged to meet in Belgrave to spend the weekend together, to see if they could mend each other’s hearts.
In case you are wondering, it goes well and for the first time they both find true happiness but will the universe ignore the usual short story convention and leave them alone? I don’t know yet. Does there always have to be a bad guy? Does there always have to be a disaster that separates the lovers?
In a completely paranoid alternative story, the couple are watching me!
They have been following me for quite a while building up a profile, finding out if I am an enemy of the State.
They adopt the tactic of ‘hiding in plain sight’ and it works, as I never suspect that I’m being watched until that knock on the door at 4am when the SWAT team bursts into my tiny house only to be repelled by my small white fluffy attack dogs.
Honey distracts them by rolling over on her back and asking for tummy rubs while Zed goes for their ankles, which is the only place that SWAT team members are mortally vulnerable.
Zed bites the first guy who tries to get into our bedroom and his lifeless body blocks the door giving us time to escape out the window and along the creek and into the hills, to fight another day.
No dogs or SWAT team members were harmed in the imagining of this story.

9 thoughts on “Focused, but not In Focus.

  1. I love the pic. Love street photography too. Because I`m really a nosey git. What strikes me about this pic is that she looks to be maybe ten years older than him. It all seems very “Mrs Jones” though I much prefer the SWAT team prospect. Gosh, they could be reading this now from your laptop…Go!Honey!


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