Brightway Corner.

This piece made it into the ‘Milk Bar Magazine’ a little while back. Always cool when your work gets published. I’ve added a few more photos. I hope you enjoy this piece from earlier this year.


My childhood was spent in Preston and against all the

odds, I survived.

This article has been published in Milkbar Mag


These days it’s easier to survive and from the look of the street I grew up in, it is a happy place to be.
Practically every house in my childhood neighbourhood has been ‘restored’.
Unrestored and in many ways just the way it was when it first opened back in the 1950s is the ‘Brightway Corner’ Milk Bar.
There is a tram stop right out the front which was moved about twenty five metres a few decades back.
The reason for the move is unclear but now the trams block a side street when they stop, which is cool I guess.
Sixty years is a long time. No one seems to remember who built this tiny milk bar but it is still there selling all the things that modern…

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