Almost Missed the Bus.



I was lucky to get this shot.
I heard it coming and it was traveling slowly.
And, as luck would have it, I know the bloke driving the bus.
Our kids went to playgroup together about a million years ago. He’s a cool guy and he has been running his business for at least 30 years.
He closed his business premises a few years ago so I rang him to make sure he was OK. He was just moving his business back to his home [where it all started 30 odd years ago].
I try to stay in the moment but I keep getting pulled back into the past, which is not all bad and is also an important part of photography, but I have to guard against excessive ‘backward traveling’.
I do love ‘old stuff’ so I guess I’m doomed to linger in ‘days gone by’.
Someone said the ‘the future is stuff you have forgotten’, I kinda like that.

30 thoughts on “Almost Missed the Bus.

  1. Great shot, amazing bus, tell us more about that bus. Also a great shot at the top of your blog, I’ve meant to say this before, you and the 3 woofs, all sacked out — especially the guy on right, head drooping over the edge, eyes closed in doggy bliss


    • I’ll see what I can find out about the bus.
      As for the header shot; I took it down a few days ago and immediately got a reaction from a regular visitor so I asked my son if he still had the original shot [ the version I was using was a bit small and distorted]. The photo is a few years old and was taken on a iPhone 3 so the quality is not high but I’m happy with it and as it has been my ‘signature’ so to speak, I put it back up, a black and white version that is. I like it that you guys [and gals] like that shot. It was a very special time for me and I don’t often make it into photos as I’m usually holding the camera. With the advent of phone cameras and with my son having a wizz bang camera, I’m making more appearances. The guy on the right is Zed, and as you would know from some of my stories, he is quite a character. Honey is on the far left and Sophie is in the middle. She is my son’s dog and she is the tiniest and most beautiful dog. She is quite old now and someone tried to poison her a while back…. she only just survived.
      In my sons house she is just another pet but in my house she would be a queen, alas my son would never let me look after her.
      Thanks for the comments.


    • The guy who owns the bus got back to me today………

      ” Thankyou for keeping in touch and posting the bus. Quite an unusual location to be snapped.

      The bus is a 1938 Diamond T which is an American truck with an old bus body.

      The body is a genuine vintage 1920’s body by Holden in Woodville Adelaide.. It predates their manufacturing of cars by 20 years so is rare and collectable.

      I am currently offering the bus for sale in operational condition for $50000. This is negotiable depending upon delivery date as I am still offering it as a hire vehicle until I move my premises when storage space will be a bit scarce.

      You can still contact me at The Motorist Collection [ Museum ] 77 Main Street Gembrook.

      Regards David Peck

      Vintage Fun Hire Cars


      ***** Holden is the company that General Motors bought so they could manufacture cars here in Australia.******


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  4. I try to keep a very wide range of things in my photos. I go from old buildings, to fire, to the front of a guitar, and everything in between. I think it would be difficult for me to stick to a theme with my photos. I like yours a lot.


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