Double Booked.

Back in the days when people read from books. There used to be a very large book store just out of frame but the chain went out of business in a town where people buy more books per head of population than almost anywhere in the world. The parent company were not very good at managing multiple businesses, and it had nothing to do with book consumption.
I was sitting and drinking coffee and watching the world go by which is one of my favourite things. I don’t remember why I was there [I usually avoid large shopping areas, so there must have been a good reason] and for some reason I had my camera with me. I took other shots but I particularly like these two. There is a lot going on and the central focus is this guy and his book, and his determination to be comfortable while reading that book.
What happened to this guy?
What happened to the book? How many hands has it been through since this shot was taken , all those years ago? Was it passed from hand to hand? Did it end up in a second-hand book shop or did it land in a charity shop?
When he moved house, did he take the book with him or simply give it away.
Was he reading it because he had to or was it simply for pleasure?
Do the couple behind him still have matching Adidas tops?
So many questions.

18 thoughts on “Double Booked.

  1. Last weekend I visited Santa Barbara, California. It’s close to Los Angeles, and a frequent outing for me. My plan: walk the beach, take pictures, hit the bookstore, eat Mexican food, go home. Except that both large bookstores in this small town have closed their doors! This town is the home of a University of California campus. How can this be? Is there nothing left except Amazon?


    • To give you heart…….. the next town over from mine has 2 book stores! A tiny little second hand one and a large new book one. Both have been running for more than a decade and both are privately owned. There is still hope.
      Terry…… thanks for the comment.


  2. It is an interesting landscape at the moment. That photo of a man reading a book, that was a common sight once upon a time. Now, more than ever before I see people looking down at their mobile phones, and reading the phone, whatever app they are running, or perhaps, an e-book. Somehow, reading from a mobile phone, or from an iPad, or from any other electronic device is not the same as actually holding a book in your hand and turning those pages. Great photos!


    • When I was a teenager, a frighteningly long time ago, I started a collection of ‘Saint’ books. I didn’t know I was building a collection at the time, I just loved the way Charteris wrote and I fell in love [in a manly sort of way] with Simon Templar. Amazingly, I still have all of those books, I pass them every day on my way from the bedroom [my office] to the kitchen. At the time, paperback books were cheap enough for a young boy on a small amount of pocket money and discovering second hand book shops meant that I could buy two at a time. My collection is almost complete [he wrote a lot of books] and I have considered selling them as a collection but as they are mostly paperbacks and not all in great condition they probably would not bring much so I shelve the thought. I’ve only moved three times in my life [and that was more than enough!] and the books have come with me each time, never a thought of leaving them behind. I wonder what will happen to them when I depart?
      Thanks for the comment.


  3. Well, I’ll try some answers . . .

    He shaved . . .

    It’s now a doorstop in a basement apartment . . .

    47 hands (one guy only had one arm) . . .

    11 times yes, 12 times picked up from a shop, and once it was stolen . . .

    No charity shop, just second-hand bookshops . . .

    He died in a shaving accident, and his estate sold all his books . . .

    Research . . . in the photo he’s looking at the index . . .

    No. They now have XXX-Large matching Nike’s “Just Do It!” tops . . .


    • I refuse to say lol…………. but I have to tell you, “I laughed out loud!”
      I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this and your answers brightened up my day (my wife thinks you are very funny).
      I considered re-posting the piece with your answers inserted, but hopefully people will find your ‘answers’ and enjoy them as much as I did.
      Thank you very much for taking the time, you must have been in a devilish mood….. well done.


  4. Bravo to Disperser indeed… I thought only about the final question, to which my answer is: “The matching sweat shirts are still together, arms linked in a piece of installation art purchased by MOMA, but the couple has long since split. She’s fractal, he’s feral; it couldn’t last.


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