A Little Closer.

Some days Zed just cannot get close enough!
Today is one of those days.
His tummy hurts and he does not know how to make it stop.
Sitting on my shoulder reminds him of when he was a pup.
It’s the safest place that he knows.
The sore tummy usually sorts itself out naturally so there is nothing to do but wait it out.
A dog’s rumbling tummy that close to your ear can be quite a distraction.

27 thoughts on “A Little Closer.

  1. Oh, poor little Zed, such a woe-begone face. Amazing how a fur-covered face can still convey so much emotion. You’re right, sometimes all you can do is be a comforting presence while the problem works itself out. I hope he recovers quickly.


    • He was feeling a lot better by late yesterday. He ate his dinner [a good sign] and we went for a long walk on what was a warm evening. We met a Bassett Hound [off lead] and Zed resisted the urge to yell at him [I think he was just tired from dealing with the sore tummy]. It was quite warm and very windy, and Zed looked awesome trotting along with the wind blowing his fur straight back. Walking is his favourite thing and the worst that could have happened would have been me carrying him [it’s amazing how heavy a five Kilo dog gets if you have to carry him for a while]. But, he was fine and made it through [we took it very slowly and stopped a lot] a one hour walk.
      Unfortunately we have a LOT of Possums at our place and the greatest delicacy in Zeds life is Possum poo! He loves the taste but his tummy really reacts…. the noise is deafening!
      Ever day is a new day and today he seems fine, but I am getting lots of cuddles which makes it hard to work, but I really don’t mind.


      • Thanks for the update. I always had large dogs, you don’t exactly drape a Husky around your neck, but I know the closeness. (Also the fondness for poo and other such delicacies.) I now have a 15-yr-old still semi feral cat, much loved, who allows himself to be stroked under ritualized conditions but cannot be still cannot be picked up, or taken for treatment when he seems off-colour. Comforting presence is all I can offer, but my partner and I offer that in abundance.


    • He is doing really well, thank you.
      It usually only takes a day for his system to settle down.
      It’s not much fun watching his suffer and there is no way for me to teach him the cause and effect.


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