The Band.



These young ones were performing at the skate park while the artists were at work. It was everything that you expect from live music. They were good. Plenty of rock and roll, and for my pleasure, plenty of blues. Also the equipment kept breaking down. The crowd didn’t mind, they were right into it. I got plenty of shots of them from different angles but I like this one with the old buildings in the background.

9 thoughts on “The Band.

    • Not shocked……….. I’ve known a few drummers along the way……… you’d fit right in.
      I’ll bet you had fun though.
      The music world’s loss is the literary world’s gain.


    • It absolutely is! Got wet yesterday walking the dogs…… it’s raining as I write this……. at least I can’t mow the lawns! Thank you for thinking of me. The story going up today is a Melbourne story, sort of.


    • Foolishly I didn’t get any sound video!
      They were very good….. also very young. I think you would have enjoyed them. They played a fair bit of blues, and for ones so young they put a lot of feeling into it, but of course, the crowd came for the rock.


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