9 thoughts on “Fleeting.

  1. Great choice of perspective. Love that you’ve given one stem the limelight.
    The cinema intrigues me as well. These days they tend to be multiplex arrangements (which don’t get me wrong, are often marvels of technical brilliance regarding sound and picture quality), with the smaller local ones having lost out (or relegated to ‘niche’ film showings). I grew up near Oxford, and they still have a couple of local ones that look like the one I your photo. Have a theatre-feel that is irraplacable.

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    • We are very lucky. It dates from the mid 1930s and a couple of blokes tried to add two extra screens in the late 1980s and they went broke during a financial crisis. Another chain took over and ran it into the ground and walked away. It was closed for two years until a young man with experience came along and spent a small fortune adding extra screens while keeping the original cinema intact. It is now doing really well….. we are very lucky.


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