Blacksmith Eyes.


‘I’d rather be lucky than good’.

Someone very wise said that. Well, maybe ‘Lefty Gomez’ wasn’t that smart but I still like the quote.

A couple of years ago an artistic whirlwind blew into my town [actually the next town over, but who’s counting?] and I have written about it before HERE, and HERE, but this is a different view of the studio which encourages young artists in our area. This is the back of the studio which opens on to Blacksmith Lane [I’m assuming that there was a Blacksmith down here at some stage in the past].

I love the spare eye and set of lips on the far wall.

I am lucky that this amazing little hub of artistic activity exists so close to where I live……….. now to work on the ‘good’ bit.

17 thoughts on “Blacksmith Eyes.

    • I agree, obviously. For me, it is important to remind myself of how lucky I am in all sorts of way. Over the last couple of years the artist in my area [which has been famous for artist for more than a hundred years] have come out into the light. Artists in general are not good at promoting themselves and generally are not all that visible, but recently that has changed and it is a lot of fun.


  1. The picture of girl ..just one eye..enough to see who goes by..and the artist has work and tries to make the ugly wall..come alive! yes its paint transform blankness to thrill..come my little artist learn as you will.


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