The Little One With The Camera.



I married the little one with the camera approximately 14, 975 days ago. Could you blame me?


27 thoughts on “The Little One With The Camera.

    • She is an amazing lady. When I introduced her to my friends in my last college year they rather unkindly [but accurately] asked me ‘why the hell is she with you?’ A fair question [and one I’m sure she has asked herself from time to time]. I’m still not sure but i guess if I can keep her laughing she will continue to put up with me. Fingers crossed.
      Thank you for the beautiful comment.


    • That’s a really good question. I know of at least one shot of the bride and groom but I’m not sure she got shots of the crowd, or of me with my camera, but I will ask, and I’ll get out the box of photo. It would be cool if this shot had the reverse angle, but I fear not.
      Thanks for the idea and the comment.


    • Wow…….. way to leave us hanging……………!
      Glad you liked the shot…… all sorts of stories go with this shot.
      There is something delightfully 70s about a Laura Ashley dress.
      Every time I hear an owl in my backyard I think of your avatar, and especially in winter.


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