The White Ribbon: Two Years On.



A while back I posted a photo of a white ribbon that I had placed on a young oak tree. When Oaks drop their leaves in Winter it is hard to see their branches in the dim light. The little white ribbons were meant to stop the humans from getting poked in the eye.

It’s now more than two years later, and at least, one of the ribbons [there were many] is still attached to the tree. The branch has grown several inches past the point where the ribbon was attached, and the ribbon is a little worse for wear. The green tinge is moss and mould [we live in a temperate rainforest, so it rains a lot].



In the background, you can see Zed patiently waiting for me to finish so that I can play with him. He loves being outdoors and often stands on the back deck and barks at me so that I will go outside. Consequently, a lot of writing is done on our back deck, under the watchful eye of Zed the dog.


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5 thoughts on “The White Ribbon: Two Years On.

    • He had a rough day yesterday. He and Honey desperately needed a hair cut so they spent the day at the groomers. Honey doesn’t like it but she copes. The groomer could not take them both at the same time so poor old Zed had to wait at home most of the day. He has not been separated from Honey before. He went into a sort of mourning. When it was his turn I took him around and he was so excited that Honey had to tell him off. Needless to say there is a lot of sleeping going on today.


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