Killing Time.


    7 PHOTOS: While ‘The End Of The Line Festival’ was in full swing my good lady wife decided to buy some bed linen! So I’m standing outside the large store on the low side of the Belgrave main street [Burwood Highway]. I had my camera with me because I had been taking photos of the Festival. The pub is just across the road so I cranked up the telephoto and took a few shots of the patrons. It was a warm day and there were many interesting faces. The other shots in this series came when I looked to the right and down the footpath. The Festival is huge so there was a constant stream of people coming and going. I love photographing people [don’t we all?] but normally I get some strange looks, but during a festival or a market no one gives you much thought and you get more natural shots.

{I included the shot above even though it is not a good shot, because I like the look on the girl’s face}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother excellent face.


I’m not sure if she is about to swear at him or not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExpressive body language from these two.


 I love the look from the girl and the way that the smoke from his cigarette is hanging in the air.


 The girl in this shot is not that much taller than the bloke, it’s just that the footpath is quite steep just there and she is on the high side.


 The girl and the older lady were walking together and even though I was a long way away the girl knew I was taking her photo, so she smiled. Isn’t that cool.

19 thoughts on “Killing Time.

    • Thank you.
      Sometimes I’m in a hurry [Ill bet that never happens to you] and I just want to put the photos up, but then I remember stuff that was going on at the time and I have to write that down. Next thing you know I’m rabbiting on and the quick ‘up’ has turned into something else. Sometimes photography is about ‘just the shot’ and you don’t want to influence what people think so you leave it alone and other times………..
      An acquaintance of mine was involved in a project here in Melbourne recently [which I did not know about at the time] where a photographer called for writers to write a 1000 words about 13 of his travel photos [a picture speaks a 1000 words… get it?].
      Coolish idea and I wished I had known about it. There was a write up in an online magazine and one of the photos and the story that went with it was included. I loved them both. The author and the photographer were both interviewed in the same edition.
      I loved the authors comments on the story but I was annoyed by the photographer.
      I was left with the feeling that it was just a gimmick for him to get his travel photos noticed in a gallery setting.
      Instead of letting the stories do the talking, or let his photos speak for themselves he felt the need to ‘refute’ the stories and go into a detailed description of where and when and how he took the shot.
      I thought that this showed a sense of insecurity on his part. He should have let his art do his talking for him.
      Any thoughts?


  1. Great shots, Terry.
    One of these days we’re going to take a photo of each other and post it – lol – without actually knowing it’s the other person.


    • The thought had crossed my mind as well!
      A few times over the last few months I have been planning to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens with camera and dogs but things have prevented me, but I made a note to myself to photograph any female photographers I encountered along the way….. just in case.
      One of these days we should share photography tips and a Devonshire tea by the lake. I know my dogs would love it and so would I.


      • You can always pick me Terry.

        The old grey haired bag lady in black, carting her roller case around the gardens stopping every few feet to take another duck photo.

        By the way, a youngish girl was practising her punting technique and stopped to chat and ask me where I was from (thinking I was a camera toting tourist I guess).

        “Two streets away” I replied with a grin.

        Taking a punt around the Ornamental Lake is a new tourist lure after Christmas, apparently. The Gardens are looking stunning at the moment. The lawns are still green from the Spring rains and the heat last week must have bought some flowers out earlier than usual. I’ll be up your side of town over Christmas staying with my brother & family.


    • Love the Castro observation, and the ‘I know what that lady is about to say’.
      We get a few beards up our way, particularly among the older ones…… and some of the guys have them as well.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment….. I’m still smiling.


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