Life Goes On.


After the First World War, small country towns in Australia were trying to come to terms with the dreadful loss of life. The people banded together and raised money for ‘memorials’ to those who served. Country towns felt the loss more intently due to their smaller population. My ‘little town’ which has become a suburb of Melbourne as its population expanded, has such a memorial park. The monument used to stand on the edge of the town but at some stage it was moved to this little park.

I have walked past this park countless times and I have sheltered in it on hot and rainy days.

The park looks a bit different now. This shot was taken in 2003 but the cockatoos are still around. They are not native to this area but they do enjoy being here. They come from an original population that was in cages at a local restaurant. They were set free during a particularly nasty bushfire in the 1960s. They drive a lot of people crazy but I like having them around, they are part of our fiery history.

The water tap you can see is a regular visiting place for me and my dogs, particularly in hot weather. We have walked a fair distance by the time we reach it and the dogs are often thirsty.

Sadly, the war memorial has been added to several times {Australian’s enjoy being involved in other people’s wars].

You cannot see it in this photo because it was not there then but the park has a poignant addition. It’s a small pine tree from the battleground that was Gallipoli. It’s a famous World War One battle that is Australia’s first major battle after we became a nation. The Turks were defending their native soil and fought ferociously. The little pine tree comes from a Turkish youth association showing that former enemies can be friends.

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