13 thoughts on “A Secret Shared.

  1. “That little tramp! What is she doing at this party?”

    “And look at the guy she’s with; isn’t that her ex-husband’s best friend?”

    “No, that’s her gardener.”

    “Wait . . . how do you know that?”

    “I . . . er . . . “


      • . . . or better . . .

        Do you not think they look like they are judging, probably not favorably, someone?

        Seeing as guys are mostly clueless about these things, I would guess it’s initiated by the woman, and since women judge other women most harshly, Q.E.D. . . . jealousy over Arturo, the gardener.


        • The irony for me……….. from memory [it was a while ago] they were the nicest people at that party.
          The photo does suggest all the things you mentioned and as I was trying to keep a low profile I didn’t ask.
          Imagination is more fun than fact, in any case.


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