Acting My Face.




The good stuff:

There are lots of stories about his time in Hollywood.


The not so good:


*He is obsessed with telling the story about his mother; she was an amazing woman, but it does go on for way too long.

*His style is not appealing [just my opinion]

*The introduction is a HUGE mistake. After reading it I knew this was not going to be an enjoyable ride. If I had been browsing the book in a bookstore I would have put it down and moved on.

*The Hollywood stories are interesting but they lack depth and feeling.

I prefer autobiographies because they give you a slightly higher chance of finding out the truth about a person. I say slightly because people who write them often don’t want to tell you stuff about themselves so the book you read is essentially censored. A prime example…

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2 thoughts on “Acting My Face.

  1. Its all gone a bit wrong in some ways, because back in times of yore there used to be a Blogroll and using it meant you kept in touch withy Blogs you enjoyed. Now that Blogroll seems defunct, so you only really come across the Blogs you enjoy if they comment or ‘Like’ one of your posts or you have time to sit and trawl through your reader. This is a shame because, in my opinion, your Blog is getting better and better.


    • You are very kind sir, and I will endeavour to continue and become betterer and betterer.
      I’m having fun and maybe that is a secret ingredient.
      P.S. There is a way to achieve your ‘blogroll’ effect. I discovered it by accident just recently. Maybe I write a post on it? You never know.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I’m looking forward to your book.


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