It took every cent they had to buy that little house.

It needed a lot of work but most of it would have to wait because they were seriously broke.

They struggled along on canned soup and vegetables from the kind older couple who lived next door.

When Michael took a second job they slowly started to get ahead.

Sarah had a lot of plans for the house, as girls tend to do. Michael used to tease her and say that she was making a nest.

As time went by and some of the more important jobs were completed Sarah worked her way up the list to the front verandah.

She wanted Michael to build a trellis so that she could grow Wisteria.

They designed it together and Michael did his customary workmanlike job.

The Wisteria needed to be pruned each year or it would grow wild and spoil the beautiful effect.

Of all the improvements they had made to their little house, this was Sarah’s favourite.

28 thoughts on “Wisteria.

    • I can see you, sitting cup in hand, the steam slowly rising. Seated in your favourite day time chair, reading my story.
      This one more of a half cup story but sometimes they come out that way.
      Thanks for the comment. I look forward to your reaction.


    • Excellent and thank you. I love Dragons. I have nicknamed one of my dogs ‘Dragon’ he has a fiery heart and he is quick to burst into flame but he has a true heart and he does his best to keep his natural state under control in order to fit in and to please me. I never understood why everyone thought St George was a good bloke — I was barracking for the Dragon.


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