Harold Popped Down To The Shops.


Harold popped down to the shops to get a few things.

Unfortunately for Harold he forgot that he lives in Adelaide and the shops are no longer allowed to supply plastic bags for their customers to carry shopping home.

As you can see from the photograph taken by renown street photographer Billy The Snapper, Mrs Wilson had come prepared with her excellent shopping bag made from sustainable Raffia. The embroidered pattern on the side was Mrs Wilson’s own work and was designed to offset her outfit.

Harold had to juggle his purchases all the way home and he was left to wish that he had not purchased the large economy sized toothpaste.

To make it even worse the top kept coming off.

Harold can be excused when you remember that he was in Adelaide and they do things differently there.

As everyone knows when it’s five o’clock in Melbourne it’s probably about 1964 in Adelaide.

28 thoughts on “Harold Popped Down To The Shops.

  1. LOL!! Terry, you are a master at exalting the mundane and taking us on deliciously imaginative flights of fancy! I love how you ping such intuitive observations into your characters (the lady’s shopping bag matching her outfit!). So glad I’m not from Adelaide!! Happy Sunday! : )))


  2. Need Mrs. Wilson phone number, I would like some of her embroidery on my bag and her advice how to match my outfit. I visited Adelaide for 30 odd years (parent’s in laws). Felt like my arms were cut off when all the shops closed. Mind you I have never gone to any shop at 3am in the morning but I need to know they are there just in case.
    Apart from my ramble a great story. It was a delight to read and then study the picture, you did wonders with it, so much so I am sure you know Mrs. Wilson.


    • I remember the panic that set in the first time I stayed in Adelaide and the shops closed. Like you, I like the idea that I can go shopping if I need to.
      Glad you enjoyed the story. I’ve been crook for a number of days and unable to write [or do much of anything] so it was fun to put a little piece together.


    • Thank you. As you know, sometimes the photo comes first [as in this case] and sometimes it comes after. It seems important to me to get it right. It’s all part of the package. Thanks for noticing.


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