From Where I’m Sitting.


From where I’m sitting all I can see are those legs.

At one end black stilettos, at the other end, a little black dress. 

This delicious creature is left-handed so her frighteningly expensive watch is on her right hand.

You cannot quite see from this angle but she is wearing black lace underwear to go with that pretty black dress.

I’m spelling it out for you but to be honest, I’m one of those blokes who doesn’t normally notice individual features, I tend to see the whole picture all at once. It gets me into a bit of trouble at times. In my world the truly terrifying question is, “Do you notice anything different about me today?”

There is no way I get out of that one alive.

She loves that little balcony and she can sit out there in all kinds of weather. 

It’s nice today.

The apartment cost enough to put a small canyon shaped hole in my bank account but the view is amazing, and I’m not just talking about her.

We are both a bit tired. 

We’ve been out all afternoon looking at cars. 

She doesn’t know one car from another but she does have taste.

“I really like the dark green one.”

“Are we talking about the Jag or the Audi?”

“The one that had all those rings on the radiator.”

My wife and radiators are very well acquainted. 

She cooked a perfectly good Alfa a while back because she didn’t notice the fluorescent green liquid that was leaking onto the roadway after the stone put a neat little hole in the radiator. An hours shopping gave the coolant time to pool nicely in the gutter next to my classic GTV. 

“It just stopped.”

“They tend to do that when the engine gets so hot that the metal fuses into one unmovable mass.”

“How was I to know. It just looked like green water to me.”

“Didn’t you wonder where it was coming from?”

“Well, I know now, but that’s because you explained it.”

“Fair enough. It’s just a car” I said with blood trickling down my lip.

She was very proud that she knew where the four silver circles were located; on the radiator grill.

“Are you sure you didn’t like the Merc?”

“Which one was the Merc?

“The one with the peace symbol on the bonnet.”

“No, I don’t like silver cars.”

“They will paint it any colour you like, it doesn’t have to be silver.”

“I know that. Was the Jag the one with the cat on the bonnet?”


“I think I like that one.”

“I’ll ring them on Monday and see when they can deliver it.”

She looks so inviting sitting out there. I think I will suggest a bit of hanky-panky before we dress for dinner.

You think that I’m going to get laughed at if I say ‘hanky-panky’, and you would be wrong. Apparently it was one of her grandmother’s sayings. She loves it and it usually has the desired effect when I say it.

In the meantime I’m going to sit here and look at the view. 

There’s plenty of time for hanky-panky.


Illustration: from a painting by Jack Vettriano.


Enjoy my work. Then buy me a coffee?

Enjoy my work. Then buy me a coffee?

13 thoughts on “From Where I’m Sitting.

      • Thank YOU, Terry.
        For some strange reason they are easier to upload and keep up than my one old one.

        By the way, did you get all that lovely rain yesterday? Down here close to Melb. it seemed to rain all day and the garden is looking like it’s gone to heaven and back!


        • Yes we did. It’s the first time it has rained since we put fish in our pond…. I think they were both curious and disturbed. Had to walk the dogs in the rain. I told them that this is what ‘outside dogs’ have to do all the time. Also, it’s amazing how much more writing I get done if the rain is playing on our tin roof… helps with the concentration.


    • That’s a very interesting question.
      All of the current stuff is photo first, and about 85% of my stories over the past year have been ‘photo first’. A few notable exceptions…. Turn Left, She Sells Sea Shells etc, Waiting For You, Scarlett’s Scones and Sam’s Scar, Breathe in the Light and Say Good Bye, And In The End You’ll Hear Me calling. I spend a lot of time collecting ‘interesting’ images, then I pick one that speaks to me on the day and I dive right in.
      The ‘story first’ ones can sometimes present a challenge…. the perfect photo can sometimes take a while to appear.


  1. Right , to continue the metaphor of the post, you are starting to “put your pedal to the metal” here. These little ‘vignettes’ as I think they are called, are getting better and better, and I’m really enjoying the atmosphere you create. Thank you so much for the review, by the way, it is lonely work sending a book out into the world, and your support means a lot. I can see you treading the same path, and I look forward to repaying the complement

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Peter. Glad you are having fun with these little moments. I’m quite enjoying them myself. May the gods smile on you and your excellent book. Thank you for letting me read it, it helped to get me through a rough time.


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