Staring At My …….

There is a small possibility that this story follows on from this one……….

I wanted him to see what he’d been missing, so I lay there on the couch smoking my cigarette.

I met him at the station.

He’d been gone for a long time, and I missed him something terrible.

He bought me flowers and a present, but all I really wanted was him.

I knew he wanted me, and I wanted him too, but for the longest time he just stood there.

Didn’t even take his coat off.

I guess he was just thinking.

He was also looking at my bum.

I’ve got a nice bum. No wrinkles at all, as long as you don’t count that dimple, and my tits aren’t bad either.

It’s great to have him home.

I fixed the house up real nice just for him.

I want him to feel comfortable.

I wanted him to feel at home.

klimt-jack-vettriano-190881When I met him at the station, I just couldn’t contain myself.

I ran up and jumped on him.

At first, I thought I might knock him over, but he barely moved when I landed on him.

He held me in his arms like I weighed nothin’ at all.

I was already excited but feeling his strong arms around me really got me going.

We’ve got all the time in the world so he can stand there and stare at my bum for as long as he likes.

Paintings by Jack Vettriano.

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Like my work? Then buy me a coffee?


5 thoughts on “Staring At My …….

  1. Hi Terry, 6am in a rush, will read your story tonigh but forgot to let you know I have nominated you for a writing meme. Over at my blog will explain everything except I forgot the date for you to post it on your blog which will be May5th and if you continue the nominations they post seven days later on the 12th.

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  2. Sorry to confuse you but at 6am I confuse myself 🙂
    Thank you for your lovely long note. You don’t have to do the meme, I just wanted to acknowledge how much I value your writing on so many levels. If you do it, your post is for the 5th May.
    Loved your rant and totally agree with you. Can they make up their …. minds?
    So, getting back to writing. I went back and re-read ‘Coming Home’ then followed with this one and it flows beautifully. She does have a nice bum and I am glad they have all the time in the world because they are slooow movers these two 😀

    “Ordinary life goes on–that has saved many a man’s reason.”
    ― Graham Greene, The Quiet American


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