The Sisters.

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If you read this story first it may add to your enjoyment.


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The blue dress I sent her does not seem to have unsettled her at all.

Probably because I didn’t tell her about the note that was sewn into the hem.

It wouldn’t matter if I told her what it said; she’s not superstitious.

If it comes down to it, nothing much unsettles her.

Growing up, she was my big sister and I was a bit of an annoyance. 

Sister can be like that.

There were good moments but mostly I just got in the way.

Now that we are ‘all grown up’ we don’t annoy each other quite so much.

We have a few things in common.

We attract men.

It must be a family thing.

It seems that the more we ignore them, the more they flock around.

My sister has been married twice and she would not be caught dead in a Thrift Shop. Her second husband has slightly more money than God and he does not care how much of it she spends on herself. He made his money running McDonalds franchises.


My sister and I meet once a week and always at this cafe.

This sometimes presents a bit of a challenge because the whole area tends to shut down during the Winter. My big sister pays the proprietor an exorbitant amount of money to open up; just for us.

Today presented no such problem.

The weather is fine and warm and there are a couple of fellas hanging around outside, waiting for us to finish our drinks.

They wanted to join us but my sister made them wait outside.

I can’t believe they did it. If it was me, there would be no way I would wait around like a puppy dog; not for a man. But, that’s me.

It’s been my experience that most people’s family are a nightmare, even the ones that appear to function. The main problem?…… family members know how to push your buttons. They have seen you at your worst, there is no mystery and nowhere to hide. Bad hair day? Forget it. They have seen it all. The world may have bought your facade but your family still think you are the looser that they remember when you were growing up.

Most murders, manslaughters, assaults, and Chinese Burns occur inside families.


I do love this cafe. 

The decor is suitable and the view is beautiful.

When we were children we would stay in this same little seaside town.

Our father chose to work every second weekend and save what he earned, just so that we could have two weeks by the sea.

Those two weeks were magical.

No school, very few chores, and the allure of the beach, sun, sand and boys.

When we were young the boys were good for games and when we got older they were were good for other things. Things that included moonlight walks [when we were able to sneak out without being caught], kissing in the Tea Tree bushes on the foreshore, and someone to write naive love letters to until the next summer.

Boys smelt funny. Not unpleasant, just different. They had rough hands and seemed to lose the power of speech when things got romantic.


Unlike my twice married sister, I’ve never married.

There’s plenty of time, and just for now, I’m happy living alone.

I wonder how long it will be before those fellas run out of patience? 



10 thoughts on “The Sisters.

    • Thanks Lori. I’m pleased that you liked that bit. Glad you liked the ending as well. I have a number of stories just sitting there waiting for an ending. It doesn’t always have to be a twist but it must fit the rest of the story……. it has to leave you with something. I read a lot of other people’s short fiction and often the story is excellent but then it just stops…… I feel cheated…… I don’t mind it if it’s a cliffhanger or ends on a question or anything else for that matter, I just don’t want to be left flat. Does that make sense?
      Anyway, thank you for taking the time……. I always appreciate it.


      • I would agree with you that the ending is huge–and the shorter the story, the bigger the ending’s importance. When I start a piece, I need to know two things–how it begins and how it ends. I may change my mind–come up with something better, for example–but if I don’t have a semi-clear picture of the overall purpose of the story, if you will, then I can’t fill in the rest of it! Other writers may think otherwise but this is my particular method. Good luck with finding more of those snazzy endings!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Compliments from talented people are always welcome…………. actually,compliments from just about anyone are always welcome…..I just like compliments……. seriously, thanks for that and for taking the time to say it.


  1. Wading through the mundane toward the fantastical. Family memories, men in wait and restaurants kept open in the off-season. You couldn’t squeeze a car chase in if you tried. Well done.


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