Quality is not great but it’s not bad for a long lens shot through my dinning room window without a tripod.

It always caused a stir in our house if we saw ducks in our creek. It seemed as though they were saying that our little suburban creek was still healthy, still capable of sustaining life.

I’m looking out of this same window as I sit here typing and it is steely grey, raining and the creek is running. Good weather for ducks. By the way, tomorrow’s forecast is for snow, a rare event here even at our altitude. Fingers crossed.

12 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Good shot, Terry.

    (it’s now raining and very dark down here in inner Melbourne and I heard we are to get hail tomorrow. I can well imagine you getting snow up in the hills. And of course, the wind is extremely blustery. Great weather for your writing and lousy weather for my photography. Vicki).


  2. Hope you get snow. Over the ditch it’s warmed up to an 8 degrees max. And my bloody ducks have stopped laying. I’ve had to go out and buy hens eggs.


    • Good point……..very cold so far today but no snow as yet……promise to get some shots. I remembered that back in 1970 I was on teaching rounds and it snowed 10 minutes before I was due to give a lesson…..I chucked my lesson plan and we made snow men instead…… fortunately I had a good lecturer and I got an A instead of getting a telling off…………. this was an inner city school and I don’t think it has snowed in that town since…… how lucky was I?


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