Busman’s Holiday.


He’d heard the phrase before but he’d never bothered to ask what it meant; until now.

He had become a bus driver; it was a case of ‘right place, right time’.

The State Government was throwing money around in a futile attempt to not get thrown out of government at the fast looming state election.

They thought that finally showing a bit of interest in Public Transport might make them look like they gave a fuck about ordinary people; the ones who needed to get to work every day.

A very large bag of cash had arrived at the local bus company and in return, they were expected to open up new routes.

New buses were easy to source, but drivers were a bigger challenge.

People hate driving buses so Kelly Bretz had no trouble getting a job. Kelly had been in and out of more jobs than it was physically possible to shake any form of stick at.

He only rarely got fired, mostly he got bored and drifted away.

His new job, ferrying an assortment of humanity from one place to another, was at least partially due to his father’s foresight.

Kelly’s father insisted that he obtain a licence to drive anything that moved, and this included ‘heavy haulage’. At the time, Kelly couldn’t see the point, but he went along with it partly to keep the peace and partly because it was something to do.

Kelly’s girlfriend liked his new job and she would often be standing outside the MegaMart waiting for his bus to come along.

She wasn’t supposed to talk to him while he was working; there was a large sign that said so; “Please don’t distract the driver by talking to him”.

One of the local schoolgirls had penciled in ‘Even if he is seriously cute’, at the end of the official words.

Kelly’s girlfriend smiled when she read the extra words.

She was very pleased that her ‘chosen male’ was desired by others of her kind. Caroline was the perfect mate for Kelly.

She liked the things he liked and she was happy to sit on his bus and be with him. Life was good.

They had a small apartment, enough to eat and most days they got to be together, going around and around.

People got on, people got off; some were happy and many were not.

There was the occasional bit of ‘agro’, but mostly people appreciated Kelly’s smooth driving style.

He didn’t know it at the beginning, but this was to be Kelly’s final occupation.

He had found his place in the world.

2 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday.

  1. The ending his me like a blunderbuss. I wasn’t expecting that ending at all. It was delightful. I think I was expecting a play on the sign in the photo “Terminal Lunch” (a wondrous sign!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • For a change, the photo came after the story….. but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one.
      As for the ending…. it sort of wrote itself….. they just seemed to deserve a happy ending….. I torture my characters quite a bit but every now and then you have to let them off the hook……… interestingly, people often ask for a happy ending but the stories where that happens are often NOT the most liked stories……… go figure?
      Thank you for taking the time to comment…. I always look forward to your reaction.


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