You Will Come Back. Won’t You?

IMG_1349Taking the dogs for a walk presents certain challenges. I like coffee. But, if I’m on my own I have to attach the dogs to something while I order. When Honey was young, and the only dog in the house, she once dragged a cafe table into a Bakery because I took too long coming back! These days, now that there are two of them, and one of them is Zed, who is part dragon, they attract a lot of attention; mostly from children and little old ladies……. and Zed hates children and little old ladies, so leaving them tied up can be a bit stressful. The photo above is one of the few place that I can leave them for a few minutes without much chance of incident. On this particular day no one died and coffee was consumed. It’s one of life’s mysteries that the best coffee is always in the places where I cannot tie the dogs up without precipitating world war three.

25 thoughts on “You Will Come Back. Won’t You?

  1. Lovely photo of the dogs, Terry.
    (Is this a Murphy’s Law thingey? I often find the best photo opportunity is spied just when I take the first bite of an ice-cream in the RBG and don’t have both hands free).

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    • I’ve lost count of the number of ‘great’ shots that have been missed in the manner you describe!
      Amazingly, I often forget that I have a camera in my pocket………. the tattoo shot was an exception to this rule.


  2. Enjoyed your post. I have a question. Your cover picture shows three dogs, but you talk about two. I’m new to your post so I apologize if this is sensitive but where is the third dog.


    • The thought did cross my mind. Especially when the little broke was stuck at home after having a tumour removed from his leg……. two weeks without a walk and we all went insane……….. I was going to put him in a kids push chair but I had visions of him leaping out to sort out some large black dog……….. I have a vivid imagination.
      I was on a train once with a well weathered bloke who was carrying a huge sports bag…. the kind you would carry Cricket gear in. When he got off the train, he unzipped the bag and a huge dog calmly stepped out and they walked off down the platform together. I gave him a huge smile but I don’t think he noticed. You gotta love a bloke and his dog and the lengths they will both go to to stay together.


  3. Terry, being a cockapoo owner, and your dogs being small, I know how they could present a challenge! I love how your dogs are so cute. But I know how they get excited and like to, as I say “bolt!!!!” I admire you for taking on the challenge of getting coffee with them in tow!

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  4. When you’re at home, do they try to keep all their humans in one place, or at least run back and forth between their humans (if in separate places), like a shuttle in a loom weaving them into one cloth? Our husky used to do that…

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