Hop On.



For some reason this shot makes me feel strange. Not bad strange — just strange — kinda sad — not sure why. I love photos that you can disappear into. Amazing that there are no cars on the roundabout — pure fluke — only took one shot — was drinking coffee and talking to my wife and walking the dog — a long way from where we live —- still not sure why it makes me sad.


15 thoughts on “Hop On.

  1. I agree with Red Hen. I think the B/W enhances the mood. Did you feel the same when it was in color? Presuming you don’t have a B/W camera—remember B/W film? You had to commit to a look in advance. Sigh. See, now I’m feeling that bluesy thing, too!!!

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    • I see in Black and White when I have a camera in my hand [this was actually a phone shot]….. it comes from my history with photography… I started out teaching black and white darkroom techniques to years 3,4,5 and six kids…….. so it is in my blood so to speak. Being a film person I also take very few shots because I ‘think’ about the shot before I take it…. goes back to cost and only having 24/36 shots on a roll…… old habits die hard.
      I like the mystery and the mood that black and white creates…….. colour is great but it can be distracting….. it all depends on your ‘intention’. I like my phots to tell a story and it is no coincidence that a LOT of my stories come from photos/painting/illustrations…….. whoever took the shot/painted the picture/drew the drawing ‘spoke’ to me…….. told me a story. All I do is turn it into words………… it’s kinda magical.
      sorry for going on so much………… I’ve had a really good day after two very bad weeks……. enjoying the feeling.


    • That’s the trouble with Canadians…………….. they are always os happy! Just kidding, but I do like your ‘positive’ take on the shot……. not surprising though……. you are the lady with an eye for detail and another eye for beauty…….. the way you soak up your environment rather than glide though it is an inspiration.

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      • (First, thank you.) That photo is a good candidate for use in a photo-sort, isn’t it — an image used (in a focus group, in a psychology evaluation) to determine the viewer’s mindset. It’s sufficiently ambiguous that it can be ‘read’ in many ways. Which also makes it splendid story-telling material. As you noticed…

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