8 thoughts on “Old Cat.

  1. My Uncle Roy had one of those. He took us all for a ride in it. I was seven. I looked out the window and couldn’t see anything special. What were we meant to look at? (Now I’m older: great pic! I need one! I want one!)

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    • I know how you feel. I have an 85′ version of the ‘big cat’ which I love very much. Each year, as money gets tighter and tighter I work out, down to the last dollar, whether I can manage to keep her for one more year. At the moment, anything major goes wrong and she will have to go, and as you know, old cars often need work. So the two of us are living on borrowed time.
      I’ve always wanted a MK9 but they are a bit out of my price range……….. maybe in another life.
      My wife wants me to become an ‘over-night’ success so that we can live in luxury. I’d settle for an ‘over-night’ income stream that has a couple of zeros on the end of it……… just enough so that I can complain about paying tax…….. again, maybe in another life.
      Paper copies of ‘The Long Weekend’ arrived yesterday, which was cool and last night a friend asked to buy a copy and he wants to contribute to my fundraising for the next book. I was very touched. So maybe ‘over-night’ success is just around the corner.
      I’m feeling lucky today so please take some of my ‘lucky’ out of petty cash and spend it as you see fit. ‘Lucky’ is only fun when it is shared around. Be lucky my friend.


    • We were in the city, celebrating our wedding anniversary when I noticed her parked in a side street. Someone had driven her down from Sydney and parked her in Melbourne. She was showing her age but she was still beautiful. My long suffering wife knows of my passion for old Jaguars so she took this shot of me taking a shot. I like the shots I got but I very rarely end up in photos so I posted this one.


    • Yep……. it was our anniversary weekend away in the ‘big smoke’, warm weather as you can see…… I’m much more handsome now. Not bad legs if I do say so myself. The boys are looking at the car and you are noticing my post winter pale legs! What is the world coming to?
      I know this sounds a bit strange but I wrote the last two chapters of ‘The Long Weekend’ while we were staying at The Windsor Hotel, for our anniversary. I’d been struggling with the ending and it came to me at about 4am. I sat up in bed and wrote it out, longhand, before my wife woke and breakfast arrived. The Long Weekend is set in that hotel so it stands to reason that the ending should have been resolved while staying there. I like the symmetry of all that.


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