Sam Bennett’s case files: Stephen.

A quiet, rainy Sunday afternoon by the fire, with Sam and Scarlett…….

The Long Weekendd


Before ‘THE LONG WEEKEND’ and before he met, fell in love with and married Scarlett Holmyard, Sam was a working detective [and Mystery Writer].

The following is a story from his case files.

Scarlett was curious about Sam’s past and would occasionally ask Sam to tell her a story from his previous life.

Scarlett was no ‘innocent’. She had done her nursing training and had travelled extensively, but even with her ‘down to earth’ experience there was very little in her past to match the adventures that Sam had been a part of.

One quiet Sunday afternoon, as they sat in front of the open fire, Scarlett asked for a story.

“Can you make it a juicy one. Maybe a murder. Something a bit different?”

“A bit different? Blood and guts not enough for you my sweet little flower?” Sam was smiling over a smokey single malt which was quietly…

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