Real Paper: The Long Weekend.


If I look pleased it’s because I am; and it’s not just because James Bond is standing behind me!

My first novella is now in print; real print, on real paper!

Of course it has been an eBook for a couple of weeks but there is something about holding an actual book in your hands that puts a smile on your face.

I have sold a copy as well….. so that’s good. One of my friends likes ‘real books’ and he waited until they arrived, and bought one.

Very cool.

The package arrived a couple of days ago and I was having a particularly bad day so I waited until the next day before I opened it.

I didn’t want to waste the experience.

There is a law that says that when an author opens their book for the first time, to any random page, they will find a typo. It’s true….. but only a misplaced comma…… not the end of the world.

I hope you will forgive me for ‘blowing my own horn’, but this is how it goes when you are on your own in the publishing business. I would much rather someone else would blow the horn for me, but I’m learning how to do it myself.

As you have probably worked out, the book has its own blog page and I add a new short ‘Sam and Scarlett’ story each week.

Feel free to wander over there and check it out.

If you haven’t purchased my book yet then please consider purchasing it as the proceeds go towards paying the publishing costs and if there is any left over it will help with the costs of my new book.

If the genre of the book does not interest you but you would like to support me with a small donation, then you can hit the PayPal button in the top right hand corner of the page and leave me a tip.

No matter how small, all help is appreciated.


Due to popular demand [well, a couple of people asked] I have set up a sales site with the printer for those who like paper books. The link seems to work well and the process is relatively painless. So………. knock yourself out!

26 thoughts on “Real Paper: The Long Weekend.

  1. Congratulations, Terry.
    I am absolutely delighted for you – there’s nothing like a published REAL book (to make that dream a reality).

    I just can’t get to grips with reading online. There’s something about sitting back and turning real paper and resting my eyes on the black ‘shapes’ that give me a thrill. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

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  2. Terence (because it’s more mystery genre sounding), is there any way a fan trapped in the USA can get legally get their hands on a paper copy? Said fan is willing to pay for shipping that may be out of proportion to the price (but not the value of) the cargo. Congratulations…and I eagerly look forward to reading it.

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    • I’m including a link that SHOULD take you to the printers sales site……… it seems to direct you to the Australian site but the company [Blurb] is based in the US. Hopefully it will give you a US link which should keep the postage cost down. Base cost for a B&W paperback is $18.50 AU so this should put it into the low $20s in US plus post.
      If this link does not work for you let me know and I will work something out……. if all else fails I can mail you a copy of mine, but hopefully this link will work for you.

      Thank you for your interest and for your unwavering support.


  3. Congratulations there, and may your journey to Best Selling status be relatively quick and painless. And if not, may you learn loads from the process. Seriously though, I think you are going to do just fine, you seem to have the right mental outlook and all that. So here’s wishing you the best, and depending on my finances this month, I just may have to purchase one of those books you keep speaking so highly of.

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    • Thank you kind sir. If you do end up reading a copy of the ‘long weekend’ please take a moment and write a short review of the book on Amazon, or iBooks or Google or Smashwords……….. wherever you got it from…….. people read reviews and it helps to sell books. Thanks again for your support.

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